Social Commerce

Connect content to commerce with social proof that drives conversions.

Enrich Every Stage of the Purchase Cycle with Content that Inspires and Converts

Build a social catalog that provides a unique, authentic way to browse your products.

Prevent shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions by adding social proof to product pages.

Inspire upsell and advocacy with retargeting and transactional emails featuring real, relevant product images.

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Product Tagging

Sync your catalog to pull product metadata directly into Stackla for effortless content tagging.

Effortless Content Tagging

Seamlessly pull product metadata such as names, descriptions, pricing and SKUs directly into Stackla for effortless content tagging.

Custom Calls To Action

Add custom purchase links to your eCommerce platform or any other conversion point you wish.

Visual Recognition

Artificial intelligence scans your visual content, identifies over 11,000 objects, scenes, events and emotions and auto-tags your content.


Add shoppable hotspots to visual content to aid product discovery, interaction and click through.

UGC Powered Retargeting

As shoppers interact with your social catalog, send product interest data to your retargeting platform.

Ditch the boring product shot for authentic, trusted UGC in your retargeting ad units by sending a stream of rights-approved content to Adroll, Doubleclick, Sizmek or whatever you use to retarget.

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Transactional Emails That Excite

Drive upsell and advocacy with transactional emails that excite.

Integrate live, product-relevant user-generated content into your eCommerce or email marketing platform’s transactional email templates.

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