Impactful Advertising

Power your advertising with authentic, engaging user-generated content.

Create Truly Engaging Advertising

Swap tired stock images for authentic, compelling user-generated content that will beat banner blindness and drive action.

Reduce creative costs and increase engagement rates for better ROI.

Display & Retargeting

Send product-relevant, rights-approved content to your favorite retargeting platform. Catch shopping cart abandonment and drive return visits and purchases.

UGC-Powered Social Ads

No one wants their social experience disrupted with shouty, branded content. Create ads your audience will want to engage with by featuring contextual, relevant, user-generated content.

Send rights-approved, user-generated content to your social ads account or your favorite ad management platform.

Toyota Boosts Facebook Ads Engagement by 440%

“We knew authenticity was the key. Slick product photography and cheesy montage videos weren’t going to resonate with a millennial audience. Instead we put a focus on authentic user-generated content, using it to power our social display advertising.”

  • 1.2 millionEngagements
  • 440%Increase in Total Engagement, Year-on-Year

Digital-Out-Of-Home Ads

Ad blindness exists in the real world too, create eye catching DOOH displays with authentic, customer content.

Power your DOOH advertising with UGC piped in real-time via our integrations with the world’s leading DOOH providers.

Dynamic UGC-Driven OOH Campaign Gives Customers a Chance to #SeizeTheHoliday

Virgin Holidays, the UK’s favorite worldwide holiday company, powered dynamic digital-out-of-home display ads for their award-winning Seize The Holiday campaign with live traveler-generated content.

Ads Audience Builder

Build qualified, addressable audiences by leveraging Stackla’s data capture capabilities to push customer data to your advertising platforms.

Track audience interactions and interest data from your website displays and send them to your retargeting platform to increase channel engagement.

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