Power Your Ads with Authentic Visuals

Swap tired stock images for authentic, compelling user-generated content that beats banner blindness and drives action while reducing creative costs and increasing ad performance.

Display & Retargeting

Send product-relevant, rights-approved content to your favorite retargeting platform to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and drive repeat visits and purchases.

UGC-Powered Social Ads

No one wants their social experience disrupted with shouty, branded content. Create ads your audience will want to engage with by featuring contextual and relevant, user-generated content.

Easily send rights-approved, user-generated content to your social ads account or your favorite ad management platform.

Digital-Out-of-Home (DooH)

Ad blindness exists in the real world too, create eye-catching DOOH displays with authentic, customer visuals.

Power your DOOH advertising with real-time UGC via our integrations with the world’s leading DOOH providers.

Ads Audience Builder

Build qualified, addressable audiences by leveraging Stackla’s data capture capabilities to push customer data to your advertising platforms.

See how you can start getting better content with less effort.

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