Want to drive conversions at the point of sale?
Create social buzz at an event?
Improve ad performance?

Stackla leverages user-generated content to help build a level of trust no branded content can.

Engaging Websites

Enrich your owned properties with your most impactful, authentic customer recommendations.

  • Drive engagement through competitions, interactive maps and beautiful content galleries.

  • Ensure fresh, relevant and real-time content.

  • Integrate throughout your entire website.

Impactful Advertising

Use your earned media to make your owned media more impactful and effective.

  • Dramatically increase clickthrough rates with the unmatched power of user-generated content.

  • Push curated, rights managed content through to ad units in real time.

  • Discover which content your audience is interacting with and how.

Better Emails

Publish dynamic, personalized content throughout your email campaigns.

  • Enrich your emails with authentic, fresh user-generated content, personalized for each individual subscriber.

  • Embed user-generated content in any marketing automation platform.

Increased Conversions

Drive conversions with authentic product recommendations at the point of sale.

  • Let your customers see your products in real-life scenarios.

  • Connect content to commerce with shoppable hotspots that link your visual content directly to a point of sale.

  • Identify and report on customer interactions; make a clear connection between engagement and purchasing trends.

Live Experiences

Hand your audience a megaphone. Create two-way conversations at your venues, stores or events.

  • Boost your event’s social reach—encourage and reward participants for sharing their experiences with real customer endorsements.

  • Engage directly with event participants or a global audience with Q&A sessions, voting, competitions, and polls.

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