Strategically Leveraging User-Generated Content to Build a Consumer Brand

Let’s face it, traditional brand marketing doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced, ultra-connected world. Consumers, empowered by the internet and social media, now increasingly look to each other for information, inspiration and validation throughout the buying process. In fact, 81 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.

Wearable health and fitness tracker brand, Amazfit, understood that if they wanted to effectively reach consumers, they needed to build their brand on a foundation of trusted, engaging content. To cut through the noise and connect with consumers in an impactful way, Amazfit turned to user-generated content (UGC) – the posts, tweets, images, and videos consumers freely create on social networks.

In this webinar, Amazfit’s Head of Marketing & Sales, Frederik Hermann, shares how:

  • User-generated content provides third-party validation and builds brand trust
  • Amazfit strategically leverages UGC across its multi-channel marketing efforts
  • UGC has helped Amazfit create a fan community while driving real results

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