How Marketers are Powering Their COVID-19 Response & Recovery with User-Generated Content

Covid-19 webinar

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, marketers at large and small companies all across the globe were forced to press pause on everything they were doing. Seemingly overnight, the world had changed: priorities had shifted, resources were cut and the old ways of doing things weren’t going to be enough to meet the moment and fuel recovery.

In this webinar, you’ll hear how marketers at City of Adelaide and Michael Hill were able to:

  • Quickly respond to the myriad challenges presented by COVID-19
  • Launch creative UGC initiatives to keep audiences engaged and informed
  • Leverage social content to strategically plan for COVID-19 recovery
  • Strengthen their community and create real human connections with consumers

COVID Panel Webinar

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Damien Mahoney

Co-Founder & CEO of Stackla

Tyra Gunnis

Content & Social Manager at Michael Hill

Clayton Wehner

Manager of Marketing Strategy & Innovation at City of Adelaide

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