How Greater Palm Springs Leverages User-Generated Content to Inspire & Attract Visitors

In travel and tourism, experience is everything. Travelers seek out meaningful experiences and are quick to share them with others across top social networks. Savvy destination marketers are leveraging this authentic user-generated content (UGC) as travel inspiration and validation — helping to lower content costs while boosting the impact of their digital content.

Join this webinar with Greater Palm Springs’ Digital Marketing Manager, Krystal Kusmieruk, to learn:

  • The influence of UGC in travel
  • How Greater Palm Springs gains the rights to visitor-created content
  • The ways Greater Palm Springs uses UGC to engage and attract visitors
  • How Stackla & Simpleview have helped boosts Greater Palm Springs’ digital performance

Greater Palm Springs Webinar

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Krystal Kusmieruk

Digital Marketing Manager, Greater Palm Springs CVB

Megan DeGruttola

Head of Global Content & Communications, Stackla

Shanda Maloney

Social Media Specialist, Simpleview

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