How Canon Australia Put UGC At The Heart of Their Digital Strategy

“People trust other people, not brands.”

The above quote is at the core of Canon Australia’s consumer engagement strategy that focuses not on their products, but on the people who use them.

In this webinar, Canon shares how their user-generated content (UGC) strategy has transformed their digital brand while cultivating an active community of photographers.

View this webinar to learn how:

  • UGC can help you create authentic connections with your customers
  • Canon leverages UGC across platforms and campaigns: social media, websites, live events, eCommerce, etc.
  • To build a successful UGC strategy

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Alessia Calvi

Social Media & Community Management @ Canon Australia

Alessia graduated from Macquarie University with a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce Marketing and International Studies. She joined Canon Australia as a Digital Coordinator three years ago and has since transitioned into the role of Social Media Community Manager. One of her strengths is putting the consumer first, which she finds to be the key to a successful digital strategy.

Peter Cassidy

Co-Founder & CMO @ Stackla

Peter founded Stackla in 2012 after a gradual career evolution from online journalist to product manager. He carries a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications and built his understanding of the power of content during his time as Sports Editor for Macquarie Radio Network.

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