Authenticity & AI in the Age of Influence: Digital Travel Summit Las Vegas 2018

Social content has become the new travel agent. Stackla’s recent consumer data report revealed that most people now seek authentic content on social media for travel inspiration and validation. Although this abundant source of influential and visual travel content is at travel marketers’ fingertips, the sheer magnitude and pace of user-generated content (UGC) creation make it challenging to effectively leverage at scale.

At the 2018 Digital Travel Summit in Las Vegas, Stackla’s Mike Anderson spoke with Leading Hotels of the World (LHW)’s Jose Canelos about:

  • The data behind travelers’ posting and purchasing habits
  • How machine learning technology has helped Leading Hotels of the World discover, sort, display and recommend personalized content experiences at every customer touchpoint
  • Real-world examples of how LHW and other global travel brands are using these insights and tools to drive real results

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