Stackla is Named as a Leading UGC Technology Partner by Sitecore

By Liz Kind-Rubin - January 18, 2017
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Stackla’s UGC capabilities takes Sitecore’s customer experiences to new heights

Stackla, the User-Generated Content (UGC) platform that puts customer stories at the heart of brand marketing, announced that it has joined the Sitecore Technology Partner Program. The goal of the Sitecore Technology Partner Program is to promote market-leading technologies that complement the Sitecore Experience Platform™ and support Sitecore’s Solution Partner ecosystem by providing additional capabilities that help customers grow and scale their business.

“Partnering with Sitecore will fundamentally improve the experience of their clients consumers with scalable, personalized content. Partnerships like this are what consumers deserve – delivering on the promise on authentic and personalized content that ultimately increase sales for brands,” said Pete Cassidy, co-founder and chief product officer at Stackla. Shifting from brand-centric content to authentic UGC across the consumer journey is a proven way to drive more meaningful customer engagement. Stackla’s clients are seeing 2-3x increases in ecomm conversions, over 60 percent reduction in acquisition costs, and increases north of 40 percent in impressions.

“At the core of our Sitecore Experience Platform is the ability for our customers to create individualized experiences for their visitors in real-time across channels,” said Jeppe Grue, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Sitecore.

“The really successful experiences, also create a personal connection. Stackla’s market leading user-generated content technology make that human connection, using real-time customer emotion, ideas and imagery from social media channels. This combination means our customers will be the ones raising the bar for authentic brand experiences.

Combining Stackla’s artificial intelligence-based UGC expertise with Sitecore’s Experience Platform™ enables B2C brands to discover and curate the best user-generated content for each visitor’s profile. With this capability, Sitecore customers can dynamically display user-generated content across their CMS and beyond – creating authentic, relevant experiences at scale.

Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. The company delivers personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue. With the Sitecore Experience Platform™, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand, across every channel.

For more information on Stackla’s integration with Sitecore, download this one sheet.

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