Why User-Generated Content Is Destined To Be A Fashion Classic

These days, Fashion Week is just as much of an event off the runway as it is for the lucky few who get to attend in person. Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we all have a front-row seat—and the most forward-thinking designers and retailers are getting creative with this user-generated content.

#WANG10 capsule collectionFor example, Alexander Wang was the most talked-about designer on social media at New York Fashion Week a year ago. This year, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the brand launched the #WANG10 campaign using Stackla. They asked fans to share photos of their favorite pieces from throughout the company’s history, and these photos were aggregated into a social hub on the brand’s site. They also prompted people to vote on which classic styles they’d like to see re-issued. The pieces that received the most votes are now available for purchase at AlexanderWang.com.

We created the infographic below to explore the trends shaping the social landscape for fashion brands right now, and to share some of the reasons that user-generated content is particularly powerful for this industry.

Stackla - New York Fashion Week infographic

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