Marketing Automation Software Is the Rule, Not the Exception

Kara Whittaker is guest blogging from Ghergich & Co.

There’s a lot that we rely on from software. Think about something simple like the calendar app on your phone or the calendar app you use at work: Both of those examples are fueled by software. That software keeps us on time with appointments, lets us record special events and enables us to track other important daily-life details. And it does so automatically; you don’t even have to think about what it’s doing — it’s set it, forget it.

Thinking about software like that helps you understand why it’s important to implement as much marketing automation software as possible. What you want is the marketing program to do the work for you, so that your marketing experts can be free to do other things to make your customer contact programs run more efficiently and creatively. So what does a marketing software automation program look like? This graphic offers some insights for you to consider:

Why Marketing Automation Software Is the Rule, Not the Exception

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