Infographic: How Brands Are Benefiting From Video Marketing

By Josh Wardini - August 9, 2018
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In the competitive world, it is crucial for brands to find new ways to make their products stand out in the crowd. Video marketing is not a new thing, but it is now proving to be a more powerful and efficient marketing strategy than ever before.

Today, 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and 75 percent of global mobile traffic will be video by 2020.

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The infographic below, created by my team at, reveals these and other interesting ways brands put video to a good use in their marketing.

But first, let’s dig into some of the reasons why brands should shift to video marketing.

Enhance Trust

Trust is the foundation of every business. Without it, sales and conversions are close to impossible, since some consumers are afraid of being deceived when buying products and services online.

The whole concept of video marketing is based on building trust and long-term relationships. Video content engages viewers and ignites emotions while also enhancing trust. By presenting products both in a visual and conversational form, videos can increase consumers’ buying confidence.

Boost Conversion Rates

Video marketing should be seen as an investment. Watching a captivating video can influence the viewers’ behavior and persuade them to convert into a customer. Including a video on your corporate website or landing page can increase conversions by more than 75 percent.

Including a video on your corporate website or landing page can increase conversions by more than 75%. Click To Tweet

Videos can also be used as tutorials and testimonials that can be faster, more effective tools at changing prospective customers’ minds. This, in return, increases sales which lead to excellent ROI.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Visually engaging content, like videos, that grab people’s attention often lead to people spending more time on a webpage or site. Since Google uses the amount of time spent on site as a factor in determining whether websites or pages are ranked highly, videos can be helpful in increasing your overall search value.

Improve Mobile Experiences

Mobile phones have become the leading and commonly used method of getting information online. Over the past five years, the number of videos viewed on mobile devices has grown by 200 percent – especially thanks to YouTube. This being said, brands should be considerate of the mobile users and upload mobile-friendly videos that are shorter and contain subtitles.


Video marketing is becoming more accessible and affordable due to the constant technological advancements and the shear amount of user-generated videos people create everyday.

Making a compelling brand video requires creativity and skills to understand the human psychology. A creative marketing video can get millions of views in a matter of days. This marketing strategy keeps growing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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