Crucial Content Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

By Shane Barker - July 2, 2020
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Do you know if your content marketing efforts drive growth?

Measuring your content marketing performance tells you if you’re getting the desired results from your campaigns. It empowers you to make informed decisions when creating and running campaigns.

But it’s not that easy to track content marketing campaigns without the right key performance indicators (KPIs).

Below, we discuss some of the most important KPIs you need to track to gauge your content marketing performance.

1. Social Shares and Engagement

You are likely to get high engagement if you offer your audience valuable or helpful content. High levels of engagement also show that your content resonates with them. It means that they found your content interesting enough to stop scrolling, go through your post, comment on it, and share.

High engagement can also tell you what type of content your audience finds useful.

But how do you ensure you provide engaging content?

Leverage content creation resources like Grammarly, HubSpot Blog Idea Generator, Yoast SEO, Weava, Ideaflip, and others. Using them can help you create valuable, well-researched, interesting, and grammatically-correct content.

2. Time-on-Page and Bounce Rate

Does your content deliver information the reader seeks?

The more time readers spend on your pages, the more likely they are consuming what you have to offer.

Your bounce rate, on the other hand, tells you how well your audience reacts or interacts with your content.

Do they leave within seconds of arriving?

These two KPIs can tell you how much time a user spends on every page.

3. Scroll-Depth

Where do people get to when reading your content? Do they read the whole page or part of it?

Understanding how far down the page they go can help you optimize your content for better outcomes.

For example, you can provide optimized content or incorporate visuals. It can also guide you on where to place your call-to-action for a better clickthrough rate.

Interested in learning about other key content marketing KPIs you can track?

The infographic below from details content marketing KPIs you should be tracking track. Check it out now!

9 Important Content Marketing KPIs That Can Predict the Success of Your Campaign

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Shane Barker

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