7 Trends for Digital Marketing Campaign Success

Content marketing has become core to the world of digital marketing today. Since it’s relatively cost-efficient, many marketers opt for it as the main pillar of their digital marketing strategy.

However, creating the perfect content to drive your digital campaigns is easier said than done. Here are the tips to help you out with crafting content that will grab your audience’s (and Google’s) attention.

Create a unique and beautiful blog

Google hates duplicate content and poor user experience. Even though your content might be engaging and interesting to read, if visitors don’t feel comfortable with the number of ads on your blog (sometimes even a single ad is overwhelming), can’t easily navigate from post to post or isn’t easy to read on mobile devices, the chances are that your bounce rate will go through the roof.

Consequently, search engines will degrade your ranks and push you to the less-visited search results pages.

Make sure your content is optimized for Google

You can have the best articles in the world, but if you’re not following Google’s rules, no one will be able to easily find them. Proper keyword research and optimization, readability, careful image placement (alt tags are a must), are only some of the aspects you need to consider to get noticed by Google.

However, as all good things in life, getting seen and ranked by Google takes time, especially if your niche is competitive. It might test your posts for quite a while before they start ranking in top pages. The saying that patience is a virtue has never been more faithful than it is today.

Create shareable content

Finally, creating content that raises awareness for your brand is one of the best things you can do for your business. The more people see your content, the higher the chance that it will rank better.

Even though this topic is debatable, social media shares do matter and can significantly increase your site’s status in the vast digital marketing landscape. Everyone can be an influencer today; you just need to try hard enough and create some great content!

For more information about the latest digital marketing trends and to learn how content marketing can affect your journey to Google’s top pages, check out this insightful infographic from SerpWatch.

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