Why Organic Influencers are the Future of Influencer Marketing

Today’s social influencers are closer to reality TV stars than they are to your average consumer.

While they might have tens of thousands, even millions, of followers that can provide the attention factor brands seek, it turns out influencers aren’t as influential as you’d think. As the industry has been plagued by fakes, frauds and high-profile scandals, many consumers and companies alike have grown to distrust and disengage from traditional influencers.

The influencer marketing industry is now shifting towards the people who are most authentic, trusted and influential to consumers: organic influencers — the real people who are genuine brand advocates and passionate content creators.

This guide explores how, by redefining influencer programs to focus on organic advocates, brands can not only better reach and influence their target audiences but also strengthen consumer trust, scale authentic content experiences and create deeper, long-term relationships with their customers.

Download this instructive guide to learn about:

  • The rise of influencer marketing — and where it went wrong
  • Data trends around growing consumer demand for authenticity and declining trust in traditional influencers
  • The scalable benefits of adopting an organic influencer marketing strategy

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