10 Food & Beverage Campaigns that Satisfied People’s Hunger for Authentic Visual Experiences

Food and beverages have always been at the center of human life, but in the last ten years they’ve also become a central focus of the social web.

In this new food photo frenzied world, everyday people have become the ultimate food advertisers and critics, servings as consumers’ primary source of food and beverage inspiration and motivation.

Read this eBook to learn how leading food and beverage brands—like Cadbury, Absolut, Nestlé and Starbucks—created successful visual marketing campaigns by strategically using authentic user-generated content across websites, emails, digital billboards and more.

“When it comes to making product decisions, consumers will always trust people like themselves over faceless corporations. So investing in user-generated content is a sound way to humanize food and beverage brands—no Jolly Green Giant or Aunt Jemima necessary.” eMarketer


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of people say they would post on social media after a positive experience dining out or purchasing a food or beverage

of Millennials said they post about food or beverages at least 2x in an average month

of Millennials decided to eat at a restaurant because of a friend post content about it on social media

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