Victoria #SpottedByLocals drives 12% bookings increase

Glorious beaches, rugged plains and locations steeped in history—regional Victoria is a photographers’ delight and each day locals and tourists are sharing their holiday snaps like never before.

So who better to provide the content for a tourism campaign than the people who live there?

Seeing the value of quality user-generated content, Tourism Victoria partnered with Fairfax Media and Stackla to launch its #SpottedbyLocals campaign.

Victoria boosts bookings 12% when key influencers share their local favorites in a social hub

Prominent Victorians—including Dave Hughes, Ron Barassi, and Debra Sederlan—were asked to share their stories and connections to the state’s rural areas, with their tales appearing in Good Weekend, Sunday Life, The (Melbourne) Magazine and Life & Style, and syndicated via The Age website.

The general public were also encouraged to share snippets of their own memories and experiences using the hashtag #SpottedByLocals.

Stackla provided the aggregation, moderation, and curation tools to source the best social content, and the interface to present it in a beautiful, integrated way. As a result, members of the general public were able to share their own favorite pieces of regional Victoria.

According to Nielsen Advertising Effectiveness Research from August 2013, the campaign increased visitation intention an average of 7.6% across the eight destinations featured in the campaign. Fairfax Media’s Stayz website saw a 20% increase in booking inquiries and a 12% increase in bookings.

Stackla-powered ads drive higher campaign recall and 15x improvement in clickthroughs

The Spotted by Locals hub was supported through UGC-powered display advertising across relevant sites on The Age website including Traveller, Good Food and Daily Life, as well as a print and tablet campaign that featured advertorials across Good Weekend, Sunday Life, the Melbourne magazine, Epicure, and Life & Style. By dropping the live widgets into traditional ad units, Fairfax was able to offer its client a rich and unique content feed as part of their media spend.

The UGC-powered ad campaign contributed to a significant increase in campaign recall. Consumers demonstrated 42% recall after cross-platform exposure, compared with 17% recall based on single-media exposure.

In addition, the ads achieved a 1.5% clickthrough rate (CTR)—a 15x improvement over the 0.1% average CTR achieved in past Tourism Victoria campaigns.

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