Stackla brings fan content to the big—and small—screens for an NFL franchise

As NFL games naturally have a lot of downtime, crowd-sourcing fan content is an effective—and more importantly, free—way to fill content gaps. The Bucs have capitalized on this opportunity by incorporating fans’ social posts into their game day entertainment strategy.

Sports fans love to be recognized on the JumboTron, so the Bucs used Stackla to aggregate fan content from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for display on the big screen(s) at games. The scoreboard screens are all completely customized interfaces that have been designed to be on brand.

It was important for the Bucs to be able to hand-pick the best pieces of aggregated content to display on scoreboard screens around the stadium. To do this, they used specific hashtags and filters relevant to different fixtures, campaigns, and events that they promoted in the lead-up to game day.

Filters allow the Bucs to batch process content automatically—an important capability given that fans upload a lot of content. It’s also a safe and easy way for the Bucs’ social media team to moderate. They choose to only see content most relevant to their tags and filtering options. To help with moderation of such a large volume of content, they use a bad-word filter to automatically eliminate abusive language, making the moderation process easier.


The Bucs’ Instagram gallery initiative, called “How You Saw It,” illustrates how these moderation options work. Fans are encouraged to upload photos at the game, whether they are in the stands, a corporate box, or the hotdog line, using the hashtag #ITSABUCSLIFE. These images then show up in their friends’ news feeds, which indirectly entices other fans who aren’t at the game to attend next time.

Let’s face it: being at the game is a lot more exciting than watching from your couch at home. By encouraging fans at the game to brag about their attendance, user-generated content sparks interest in others, which is music to the ears of the team’s marketing department.

Metrics are essential to the Bucs. At the conclusion of each game, the social media team generates reports to see how many mentions of game/campaign-specific hashtags they received during a particular period. They can easily break it down to identify not only the most influential platform, but also the most influential users and accounts which are generating the most content around their brand.


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