The Australian premiere of Disney’s “Planes” wasn’t your usual red carpet affair.

Politician Joe Hockey, cricketers Michael Slater and David Campbell, entertainer Merrick Watts, along with their families, were among the 254 guests invited to Hangar 96 at Sydney Airport for a unique first viewing of the film.

With the Qantas B767 sporting its custom Planes decal, those in attendance were provided with iPads loaded with the film to enjoy during their three hour trip across the eastern seaboard, which Disney claims was the first premiere to take place at 30,000ft.

As with any film premiere, the red carpet often becomes an event unto itself, and it was no different here, with Stackla’s event screen front and centre inside the hangar.


16 LCD screens formed the basis of one large event screen, which projected the #QFDisneyPlanes stack.

A combination of ‘unofficial’ photos from those in attendance sat alongside pictures snapped by professional photographers roving the hangar, who added their shots via Flickr. The moderation team were able to publish items into the stack while on-site at the event.

Stackla Founder & CEO, Damien Mahoney, described how this instance differed to other event screen activations:

The Planes stack wasn’t just designed to generate social buzz – it was also for those attending – there was a big focus on enhancing their experience.

Qantas wanted its guests to share their content, and display it in a manner fitting of a film premiere.

We’ve found people young and old love making it onto the event screen. When they’re at such a unique event, it’s natural they want to capture their experience.

Through our event screen, in a way, they become part of the event itself.

It was a great way for Qantas to leverage the social influence of their more notable guests – with these celebrities using the official hashtag, it was a really organic way for #QFDisneyPlanes to gain some traction.

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