NVIDIA Taps into a Passionate Gaming Community with a YouTube Competition

NVIDIA is the world’s number one supplier of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology, best known for its market leading position in the gaming industry with over 25 million gamers preferring their GeForce GTX graphics cards.

When PC gamers think graphics, they think NVIDIA GeForce.

One of the newest NVIDIA GeForce features is ShadowPlay, which provides an easy way for users to record in game action. ShadowPlay is unique in allowing gamers to record the action without slowing down gaming performance.

To launch this new feature NVIDIA partnered with Respawn Entertainment, makers of the highly anticipated Titanfall game, and Stackla to power a YouTube competition.

NVIDIA had three key objectives they wished to satisfy:

  1. Raise awareness amongst gamers of the new ShadowPlay feature and its unique benefits
  2. Encourage gamers to turn on ShadowPlay and provide a compelling reason for them to try it out
  3. Drive users to the NVIDIA website to build a community of passionate gamers

It was important for NVIDIA to drive traffic to their website to create direct brand interaction, so it was integral that users could easily view entries, vote, share and communicate all within the competition page.

NVIDIA decided to partner with Respawn Entertainment, the makers of the highly anticipated Titanfall, a fast-paced, multi-player, action game. Together they launched a video contest, throwing out this challenge to gamers: “Don’t just brag about your gaming wins. Show the world with NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay”!

To enter, gamers recorded themselves playing the Titanfall game and uploaded their videos to YouTube.

Jeff Wycoff, Social Media Manager for GeForce and SHIELD at NVIDIA, explains:

Partnering with a game like Titanfall where people like to show off and broadcast their results was an ideal way for us to promote our feature.

We needed help aggregating, moderating and sharing the entries as well as with the voting process and Stackla was the perfect partner.

Stackla allowed NVIDIA to pull entries from YouTube and publish them on a competition page on their website. Using the Stackla Competitions feature, visitors to the GeForce website could vote for their
favourite videos.

Stackla offers complete customisation so that the look-and-feel can be changed to match the customer’s own branding. NVIDIA took full advantage of this, integrating customised Stackla widgets, so that the contest feature became a transparent part of the GeForce site.

The competition ran for five weeks and amassed nearly 350 entries on YouTube which were aggregated and published to the GeForce website with Stackla. Wycoff explains:

We’ve run video contests before at NVIDIA so we had a good idea about what we wanted to achieve. However, with the added benefit of Stackla’s involvement we felt we could set the bar a bit higher.

100 entries was our break-even point and we were shooting for 200 as a target. We received nearly 350 entries which far surpassed our expectations.

The response from gamers was impressive – over 20,000 votes were cast, the contest page received over 200,000 views and was shared on Facebook 4,500 times.

NVIDIA’s objectives were to raise awareness of ShadowPlay, to build an online destination to interact effectively with the gaming community and test out the market potential for drawing gamers directly to its GeForce site. The numbers speak for themselves – the video competition was a great success on all counts and gave NVIDIA just a taste of what can be achieved with Stackla.

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