Brisbane City Council turned to the real-time power of social media during a crisis

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We all know the value of social media during a breaking news event or crisis. Twitter for many has replaced other traditional sources of information when the heat is on.

The 2013 flood crisis in Brisbane, Australia was no exception. Residents quickly turned to social media to consume and distribute information as the natural disaster unfolded.

During a crisis, government and community organizations typically use various social platforms to get their messages out about warnings, closures, and relief efforts.

The result is generally a dynamic—but at times overwhelming and unsubstantiated—flood of information soaking the internet. For citizens relying on this information, authenticity and accuracy are paramount.

When the floods hit Brisbane, the City Council social media team played a key role in distributing important information to citizens. Working in staggered shifts, the team of three worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to ensure that residents had centralized access to the latest and most accurate information curated from a variety of sources.

Brisbane’s Stackla-powered social hub became a central destination for not only their own social media updates, but those of other government services and media outlets assisting in the relief effort. The result was a hub for all information being distributed by official bodies: Fire Brigade, Council, Police, State Emergency Service, and local media. And by using Stackla’s unique moderation and publishing tools, all information published was authentic, relevant, and from a credible source.

The Stackla social hub was the perfect tool for the City Council to monitor events as they unfolded, with team directing councillors and other key staff to the hub to keep abreast of social media activity around the event. User-generated images from around the city provided a live user-generated image stream as the event unfolded.

The city’s social media team also created a Facebook app that collected information from a range of social media and traditional sources.

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