DMG Events Drives Social Engagement and Sharing

Ad:tech has an unparalleled pedigree worldwide, drawing on 15 years of events in the United States, London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai.

The two day conference in Sydney drew speakers from Twitter, Google, NASA, The Huffington Post, Mondelez International and many more with a focus on digital, technology and marketing innovation.

DMG Events (the event organisers) had a clear strategy for social media pre, during and post event to drive anticipation, discussion and sharing.

Ad:tech enjoys a loyal following on social media and DMG Events understood the importance of promoting their #adtechANZ hashtag across all touch points. The official event website, emails, advertising and printed collateral all carried the #adtechANZ hashtag to build recognition and encourage use.

Over 1000 Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts accumulated in the week before of the event as attendees, speakers, and sponsors all expressed their excitement and expectations for the 2015 conference.

Using Stackla, DMG Events aggregated this content from across all the major social networks, then curated and showcased the best posts in a social hub on the ad:tech website. This social hub was converted into an ad:tech Live tab when the event began, and DMG Events continued pushing live content to it in real time throughout the event.


The two-day conference saw over 3000 posts on social media. DMG Events hired roving social media evangelists to encourage discussion and sharing.

DMG Events worked with Stackla to design custom event screens to showcase the best user-generated content, as well as event information, live poll results from the event smartphone app, and video interviews with speakers and attendees.

Daniel Elder, Director of Marketing ANZ for DMG Events said:

The ultimate result was a truly custom social event experience, with two large LCD arrays on the ad:tech exhibition floor stacking our social content and creating a unique experience for delegates.

DMG wanted to ensure that the content displayed on the event screens enhanced attendees’ experience of the keynote speakers rather than distracting them, Dan Elder said:

By setting up different filter pre-sets, we were able to change the aggregation of content on the screen to match the keynote session taking place at the time.

This approach turned keynote presentations into a two-way discussion, allowing the audience to get involved and have their say.


The ultimate measure of social success for DMG Events was vibrant discussion and sharing on social media.

The Stackla event screens played an important role in encouraging sharing.

Delegates were trying to get their content on the screens in order to get a selfie with it—which, ironically, were then re-shared,” says Elder.

This ultimately assisted in dramatically increasing the social activity throughout the event, with the outstanding success shown through the official hashtag #adtechANZ trending on Twitter twice across the two days.

Because ad:tech events draw top-tier speakers and a social-savvy audience, the DMG Events moderation team knew it would need to curate a large volume of content throughout the event.

Stackla’s curation workflows simplified and streamlined this process, allowing DMG Events to publish content in real time to event screens placed around the venue and to the event website.

The ad:tech event creates a lot of organic social activity due to the inherent nature of the content being discussed and the marketers attending,” says Elder.

This is where the platform truly blew us away: its ability to easily identify outstanding social content and push this to the screens on the exhibition floor. Several members of our team where simultaneously signed into the platform, and the ease of approving and declining allowed us to ensure that no piece of content went astray.

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