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By Noor Hammad - February 28, 2017
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Facebook is the leading paid social channel with 87% of marketers1 using paid placements.

Using Facebook Ads you can build, target and launch ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time with the right content…

…provided you have the right content.

To cut through banner blindness and the general apathy we all have towards ‘stock’ branded messages in our news feeds, you need content that’s fresh and relevant.

Big data needs big content

The sheer amount of data that Facebook has about its users provides unrivalled segmentation and ad targeting capabilities.

User-generated content has three key characteristics that make it an ideal for pairing with the big data power of the Facebook Ads platform:

Its abundant
Over 1.8 billion images are posted to social channels every day. For every customer segment, there’s authentic, user-generated content being posted by people like them which you can use to power your advertising.2

Its trusted
92% of consumers trust earned content, like a social post, more than any other form of advertising. Put simply, people trust people more than they trust brands.3

Its influential
81% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by social media posts.4 ‘Social proof’ is part of today’s purchase process.

Bringing UGC to Facebook (and Instagram) Ads

Our new plugin for Facebook Ads brings the power of UGC to your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in three easy steps:

  1. Use Stackla’s class leading content discovery tools to find the best user-generated content on the social web.
  2. Use Stackla’s Rights Management workflows to reach out to content creators and request permission to feature their content in your paid placements.
  3. That’s it. When a content creator grants rights Stackla will send their content to your Facebook Ads Media Manager where you can use it to create display campaigns.

Engaging ads are effective ads

Facebook themselves explain5 that positive engagement with your posts lowers your bidding costs.

“Fans also make the ads you run on Facebook more efficient in our ads auction. Ads with social context are a signal of positive quality of the ad, and lead to better auction prices.”

That is to say, when people engage positively with your promoted posts, you pay less for your placements.

Stackla customer, Crown Resorts achieved 25% more post likes and 21% lower CPM when they featured user-generated content in their Facebook Ad campaigns.

Crown Resorts ads by Stackla and Brand Networks

Engaging ads – like those featuring authentic, relevant UGC – also drive conversions:

“Fans make your ads more effective. When an ad has social context — in other words, when a person sees their friend likes your business — your ads drive, on average, 50% more recall and 35% higher online sales lift.” – Facebook5

If your ads are ‘likeable’, they’re more likely to convert.

Available now

The Facebook Ads plugin is available to all Stackla customers now.

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