The Future of Digital Asset Management: Going Beyond Organization

By Mabel Perry - January 16, 2019
3 mins read time
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Digital asset management (DAM) has been a key feature in marketing for years, allowing companies to sort and organize all their assets in one centralized place. While having a single source of truth for all your various assets is undoubtedly valuable — particularly for larger organizations — it only scratches the surface of what today’s marketing teams need in order to keep up with the sheer velocity of modern multi-channel marketing.

Have you ever experienced one (or all) of these common digital marketing challenges:

  • An inability to efficiently organize and granularly manage content
  • Wasting valuable time trying to locate a singular media file out of thousands
  • Struggling to maximize the value of existing assets
  • A lack of unique and compelling visuals to support all your channels and audiences
  • Limited access to actionable content insights

If you identified with any of those frequent marketing struggles, we built a modern DAM just for you!

The Stackla Asset Manager was built specifically for today’s digital marketing teams who need fast and easy access to a fresh, centralized source of engaging visuals with instructive insights they can act on quickly.

Leverage powerful content discovery

Stackla is the first asset manager to offer real-time content discovery from over 25 social networks. Forget worrying about creating or sourcing enough visuals to accompany all your social posts, blogs, emails, etc. The Stackla Asset Manager actively helps you discover and gain the rights to the user-generated content (UGC) your customers create everyday, allowing you to continually expand your asset library with the most authentic, trusted and relevant visuals that consumers prefer.

Store all your content in one place

Marketers are constantly managing a mix of assets from various sources that need to be shared with differing groups inside and outside of their company. While traditional DAMs help to centralize all of brands’ owned and paid assets, the Stackla Asset Manager goes one step further to act as the single source of truth for all your owned, paid and earned content by making it easy to store all your rights-managed UGC alongside your other branded assets.

Now all your stock photography, agency assets, influencer images and UGC can be managed from a single, intuitive platform.

Get anywhere, anytime access while controlling user permissions

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get hold of that piece of content you know you have on Google Drive somewhere? Dedicated Stackla Asset Manager user seats mean you can log on and access all of your company’s visual content from wherever you are in the world with the ability to edit, download and share.

Enterprise-grade user permissions also allow you to create visual collections to further organize your content and manage which users have access to which group of assets.

Easily edit content for a quick, production-ready visuals

Stackla Asset Manager makes it easy for you to edit assets to meet your exact needs. This includes the ability to crop images to custom dimensions or leverage our pre-set dimensions for common uses, like Facebook ads for example. You can also rotate, transpose, adjust brightness/saturation or add a filter to any image in our Asset Manager.

Streamline content curation and rights management

Stackla has always helped brands surface the best, most relevant UGC images from across the social web, but in our asset manager you can also whitelist your best content creators and influencers — automatically curating all the content they publish, rights managing it and adding it to your content library.

Rather than having to adopt and maintain separate software for influencers, a digital asset management and a UGC rights requests, you can do it all seamlessly with Stackla.

Add, download, drag & drop with our new Chrome Extension

Your owned, earned and branded assets are now ready wherever you are with our newly released Stackla Chrome Extension. This new feature enables you to download or drag and drop content from the extension into social networks, webpages or emails in an instant.

Now, you can also add and rights manage new content directly from your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube social feeds into Stackla.

Save time with visual recognition and AI-powered recommendations

In 2019 we should all be working smarter, not harder. The Stackla Asset Manager was built on this principle, using visual recognition and AI to auto-tag and enrich all assets with relevant metadata whilst making predictive content recommendations in real-time — helping you quickly determine which content to publish, rights manage or discard.

Why settle for a clunky DAM that acts as lifeless asset repository when you can have the Stackla Asset Manager that functions as a living, breathing content hub for your dynamic marketing team?

Explore the new age of asset management with Stackla.

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