Steal These 7 Amazing Video Ideas for Your Next Social Media Campaign

By Roman Daneghyan - January 29, 2019
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Videos on social media have seen an explosion of growth in recent years. YouTube and Facebook videos, in particular, are greatly liked by people of all ages, being seen as very addicting and highly entertaining. In the past year, there has been a 99 percent increase of branded video views on Youtube and a 258 percent increase on Facebook.

As a marketer, if you are planning to start your social media campaign with effective videos, then we are here with seven amazing video ideas for your social media platforms. Let’s dive in…

The rise of social media videos

Regardless of your business size or niche, if you haven’t taken social media videos seriously, it’s high time to do it.

According to studies, consumers are more likely to watch a video than read text and visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Videos have become an easiest way to connect to Gen Z and Millennials — that is people from 18-35 years. From a business point of view, video content in social media can help brands connect with audiences on an emotional level which can help convert viewers into the potential customers.

7 Amazing video ideas for your social channels

1. Choose a smart visual content engine

This is one of the smartest moves when seeking video ideas for your social media platforms. Today, there are several visual content platforms that offer great video ideas. However, it is important to look for the most innovative and intuitive one, like Stackla, to get the utmost results. Stackla is one of the smartest visual content engines, helping marketers discover, manage and publish the best authentic video content across virtually any consumer touchpoint.

With its AI-powered user-generated content platform and asset manager, Stackla not only discovers, but also recommends the best visuals from across social networks. Without spending much time, you can get the best video ideas for your social media accounts.

2. Add behind the scenes

Peeking behind the curtain is one of the most effective videos ideas that can spruce up your social media. Posting behind the scenes videos or images can help your audiences learn about the people working behind your products and services. This also help you build stronger relationships with your customers and leads.

Moreover, behind the scenes videos give users a look at the growth and progress of your company. It not only highlights your company’s recent milestones, but also gives viewers a chance to see what your company’s workspace looks like. When you let your audience peak behind your business curtain, they’re more likely to feel special and closer to your brand, having seen your company through a new lens.

3. Run a campaign on Facebook Live or Instagram Story

One of the most compelling forms of content you can use on social media is Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. In fact, Facebook users now spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos than non-live videos.

There are so many things you can do on Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. For instance holding question and answer sessions, doing a live product demonstration or just starting a vlog. The real-time interaction of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories makes the experience more personalized and engaging to your followers — deepening your connection.

4. Tease out new products or services

Social videos generate 12 times more shares than images and text combined. One of the popular social video styles is ‘The Teaser’.

Whether you are launching a new product or introducing a new service, a teaser campaign provides snippets of information and builds anticipation around upcoming products and services to boost demand and awareness.

Think about when Apple unveils a new iPhone. Ahead of the launch, Apple shows a teaser, dropping a simple yet effective short video with just enough info to get their fans excited.

5. Post video testimonials

Video testimonials are a great way to show the value of your products and services from your customer’s perspective.

Ask your best customers to provide a short video about why they appreciate and adore your brand. You can even interview customers at trade shows or events to quickly capture real stories from your real customers. Showing genuine customer voices and emotions can do a lot to build trust and provide the essential social proof prospective customers often seek when making purchasing decisions.

6. Create a how-to video

How-to videos or instructive tutorials are one of the engaging kinds of videos you can post on your social channels. These videos allow you to break things down into practical and actionable steps. Not only do they provide visual guidance, but they are also highly shareable.

For instance, my company, Renderforest, has created a ‘How to create videos online’ tutorial using our own video making tools and featuring it at the top of our homepage while enabling people to easily share it across their social networks.

7. FAQ Video

If your customers repeatedly ask you questions, make sure to answer them in a video. Focus in on six to twelve frequently asked questions (FAQs) your company receives from customers and prospects, then answer them all in one or more video clips. Regardless of your business niche, a FAQ video can act as a helping hand to people who are curious to know more about your services or products. You can share such videos in different social media platforms helping people to find the right product or solution.

Final note

One minute video is equal to 1.8 million words, as stated by Forrester Research.

So, regardless of the kind of business you own, sharing a video on social media can be a great way to provide information to your new and prevailing customers. Be it 15 seconds or 10 minutes long, make sure your video content is informative and fun.

Still not sure were to start and need help? Renderforest is one of the leading video making tools that can help you create effective videos for your company.

Roman Daneghyan is the Head of Marketing at Renderforest.  

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