Stackla Product Year in Review

By Steve Birchall - December 18, 2019
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As 2019 winds down, we wanted to take a look back at the many ways our platform has evolved this past year — from new tools and features to updated UIs and improved workflows. In doing so, we can help celebrate the many accomplishments of our stellar product team (you guys are legends!) and maybe even help you discover some useful new features you may have missed.

Here are all the ways our enterprise platform has helped modern marketers around the globe create authentic content experiences that perform at every touchpoint:

Improvements to Existing Functionality

Co-Pilot’s AI-powered Curation & Predictive Recommendations 

We were the first user-generated content (UGC) marketing platform to invest in building a deep learning framework, and two years later, Co-Pilot continues to lead the way in this space.

This year saw more significant investments from our product team in refining, improving and expanding the service of this ground-breaking technology.

Stackla’s Reimagined Digital Asset Manager

Marking another first in the UGC space, we released our Stackla Asset Manager over a year ago, going beyond the standard storage, cataloging and distribution of traditional Digital Asset Managers (DAMs) to give fast-paced digital marketing teams the power of real-time content discovery and recommendations so they could better meet the demands of content-hungry consumers.

In 2019, we continued to invest in our Stackla Asset Manager, introducing key features off the back of customer feedback, including:

Better Connecting Content to Commerce

We’ve enabled brands to drive commerce through content using Product Tags and ShopSpots for years, but in 2019 we’ve expanded those capabilities by rolling out Product Feed Synchronization, Tracking Pixel reporting, as well as Product Variant, Groups and Availability Handling across all of our Widgets.

GoConnect Improvements

Our GoConnect direct upload forms have been a differentiating feature for Stackla and a favorite of our customers for a while. This year saw more improvements to this useful product feature.

GoConnect now supports higher quality image, video and audio assets, and the addition of Social Integration for GoConnect allows users to upload multiple visual assets directly from their Facebook and Instagram profiles — giving brands a golden opportunity to collect content from people with private accounts.

Improved Integrations

We’re always striving to make it as easy as possible for our customers to integrate Stackla into their wider MarTech ecosystems. In 2019 we’ve improved our integrations with keep MarTech solutions like Hootsuite, Zapier and Microsoft Flow.

Rights Management Workflows

Our robust Rights Management workflows are another defining capability of Stackla’s, leading the industry in the myriad ways we help automate the process of requesting, obtaining and cataloging UGC rights from creators.

This year, we’ve continued to make improvements to these workflows, adding Slack integrations (more on that below), supporting @mentions for Rights via Response and more.

New Tools and Features

Automation Rules

With the release of Automation Rules in March, we gave customers the ability to better automate tedious tasks by making it easier than ever to create workflows with complex logic. Since its launch, we’ve rolled out more than 100,000 automation rules for our customers, helping to drive efficiencies across hundreds of companies and teams.

Universal Search

This year we released our new Universal Search tool that allows marketers to instantly search for a single keyword, hashtag, user or more across all the world’s top social networks simultaneously, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Weibo and more.


Single Tile Embed

Now, if you need a single piece of UGC to feature on a blog or landing page, we’ve got you covered. Going beyond widgets, we now support responsive Single UGC Tile Embeds via Stackla.

Slack Integration

Slack is now an integral part of many company’s day-to-day operations, so we built a new Slack Integration to help you better integrate Stackla into your daily workflows.

With Stackla’s new Slack integration, you and your team can receive real-time notifications and take direct action on newly rights approved content without ever having to leave your Slack App.

Organic Influencers

Finally, our latest and greatest product launch of 2019 has been our recently released Organic Influencer solution.

With Organic Influencers, brands can easily find, engage, motivate and reward their best brand advocates to build loyal communities and rich libraries of authentic, high-quality content that delivers real ROI.

We truly believe the entire influencer industry is shifting away from macro-influencer and towards organic influencers — making our Organic Influencers solution an important part of any 2020 digital strategy.

Here’s to another year of building products that make marketers’ lives easier!

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