Stackla & One Education – A day at school never felt so good

By Jade Mackenzie - March 27, 2017
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It’s pretty common to hear me proudly talking about the fact that paid volunteer time-off and charity days are available to all Stackla staff, and there’s nothing better than seeing people proudly sharing their stories of the volunteering they’ve done with NFP’s close to their hearts.

Once in a while though, the entire Stackla team comes together and gets behind a great cause, and it really is amazing to see what sort of an impact this amount of collective energy can have.

On behalf of our global team, our APAC staff were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with our friends at One Education last week to load up the van and deliver new Infinity:One laptops to Hilltop Road Public School, Merrylands NSW.

Through their Equity:Grant program and donations from businesses like ours, One Education (who are an off-shoot of the One Laptop Per Child initiative) are working to ensure a fair start for students from all walks of life by providing computers to low socio-economic status (SES) schools and communities that may not be able to afford them otherwise. It’s a brilliant initiative that’s helping close the digital divide amongst students before it has a chance to impact.

It was beyond inspiring to work alongside Paul & Rangan from One Education and hear more about the great work they’ve been doing as we set up the machines for the students. To be able to see exactly where the funds we donate go and the impact the program is having was incredibly rewarding, and the look on the kids faces as we walked into their classrooms with the laptops really was something special too – next level excitement!

It’s via our Run Club initiative that our Stackla staff ‘generated’ the funds to donate to this great cause. Run Club is an ongoing company-wide fitness and charity challenge which sees our entire team virtually running around the globe together. So far we’ve run from San Francisco to Sydney, and from Sydney to Singapore, clocking up a whopping 20,130km’s along the way (not to mention the odd selfie!).

Next week we’ll be embarking on the third leg of the challenge which will see us running another 10,841kms from Singapore to London and, as with each leg of Run Club we knock down, the winning km’s will convert to ‘charity dollars’ that Stackla then donates.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to give back to the community. It’s even better knowing that the business you work in shares this sentiment though and actively encourages and supports their team to get involved.

Big thanks to all the Run Clubbers who pounded the pavement over the last two legs of challenge to generate these charity dollars – and an even bigger thanks to One Education for all the great work that you do, as well as the amazing teachers and students at Hilltop Road Public School for having us.

Team Stackla will be back!

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