Stackla for Good: Helping Nonprofits Amplify Advocate Stories

Every now and again you come across a company, an organization or a team that sets itself apart. If you’re really lucky, it’ll happen more than once. I’m happy to say that I’m on one of those teams today.

For five years now, Stackla’s user-generated content (UGC) platform has helped hundreds of brands around the world attract, engage and convert consumers with authentic, social content.

One night at a team gathering, we realized that UGC is not only something people naturally embrace and act on, it’s also incredibly effective at bringing people together around a common cause.

UGC's not only something people embrace and act on, it also brings people together around a common cause.Click To Tweet

We’ve seen UGC drive donations and feed 10,000 students with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign; we’ve seen it help the British Heart Foundation blow past campaign goals aimed at raising awareness and support for life-saving research into cardiovascular disease; it was even able to engage students in an active conversation about higher education through Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign.

The work we’ve done (and results we’ve helped achieve) for some of the world’s leading nonprofits has inspired us to launch Stackla For Good, a new program focused on empowering nonprofit organizations to magnify the reach of supporter stories and inspire greater activism with UGC.

“Human connections are at the heart of nonprofit organizations, and Stackla helps us put these kids and communities’ stories front and center – sparking true compassion that has created a movement with people of all ages coming together to fight child hunger.” Jason Wilson, Director of Digital Communications at No Kid Hungry

Nonprofit organizations face similar marketing challenges as commercial global brands, but often have far fewer resources to help tackle them. With Stackla For Good, we’re making our technology more accessible to the organizations that need it most – helping them amplify advocate voices without amplifying their costs.

'With #StacklaForGood, we’re helping nonprofits amplify advocate voices w/out amplifying costs'Click To Tweet

For nonprofits, every dollar counts, so we’re going to be offering eligible organizations Stackla’s platform at a reduced rate. Plus, we’ll be setting aside 10 percent of Stackla for Good proceeds to donate to charities we work closely with around the world.

Giving has always been a part of Stackla’s culture. As a team, we regularly participate in community volunteer days and are currently in a fitness charity challenge to virtually run around the globe together, clocking up km’s that convert to charity dollars for One Education. Together, we’ve already run the distance between our offices in San Francisco, Sydney and London and are at 31,000 kms and counting!

We’re also proud members of Civic Nation’s Creative Alliance, helping nonprofits cultivate communities and promote people’s passions.

With Stackla For Good, we can help ensure more nonprofits around the world have the tools they need to use social content for social change.

To learn more about how Stackla for Good can help your nonprofit amplify supporter voices and affect global change, visit or email

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