Social Media Privacy Concerns and How Stackla Protects Consumers

By Damien Mahoney - August 23, 2019
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There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately about the third-party use of data collected by social networks. Some of the reported uses appear to violate generally accepted privacy practices and we understand the concerns this raises. We wholeheartedly support the need to ensure consumer data is protected and applaud social networks that have taken a strong stance on data privacy and security. Therefore, we’d like to be clear and transparent on what we do here at Stackla and how we protect consumer data.

Stackla is a content marketing platform, helping consumer brands discover the best photos and videos people have posted on social networks and obtain permission from content creators to use these authentic visuals in their marketing activities. We work with all of the large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, from which we collect public content. Public content only, nothing private. We don’t scrape or store data, we don’t on-sell data, nor do we build profiles of users.

Our value proposition and entire business model is built around content, not data. We’ve worked diligently on all our integration points with the social networks throughout our history to ensure that our platform never violates generally accepted privacy practices and to comply with the terms of service for each of the social networks.

When we set out to build this company, we wanted to showcase the incredible content that is created by consumers every day. We acknowledge their efforts, while at the same time ensuring they have provided the brand with the necessary permissions to use their content.

It’s important to outline how we operate, versus other apps, so that our customers and the industry alike fully understand our practices are compliant and above board, despite recent accusations to the contrary.

Although Stackla has recently had our access to Facebook’s platform suspended, we believe this is a mistake or misunderstanding from within Facebook. We look forward to working with them to have our access restored quickly.

Our vision is to enable authentic communication and build trust between the world’s top brands and their consumers. Protecting consumer privacy and personally identifiable information is a key value proposition that we bring to our customers and is critical to building that trust relationship.

As valued Stackla customers, we thank you for your patience while we work with Facebook to get this matter resolved quickly.

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