Why social media curation pays

By Peter Cassidy - August 14, 2012
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You’ve probably heard the argument before, and may even be an advocate of it.

You need to play where your users are playing.

This was a catch-cry for digital marketing & communications types in their quest to gain resources and budget so they could rightfully start to implement a social media strategy.

The statement refers to the communication & marketing efforts of a business extending from their traditional channels such as web and email into emerging and largely unexplored social media channels.

And much of it still rings true today. Millions of people ‘play’ in this space every day.

But what’s next?

You’ve built a sizeable social media audience through exhaustive efforts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and your getting strong engagement and feedback from your fans via these channels.

How else can you harness this audience and their high levels of engagement? How can I aggregate and publish all of the great content, including videos, images and feedback they are generating around my brand.


Through social media aggregation using a functional & simple to manage application that sits within your primary domain.

Think of every piece of cool content that’s generated around your brand coming into a single interface that then gets filtered to ensure the best stuff is ranked at the top of the page.

Then think about how much time your fans will spend on this page filtering, searching, rating, replying and sharing all of this content.

It’s being done and the results are outstanding.

Australian television broadcaster SBS has been an early adopter and is reaping the benefits with their Tour de France and Olympics social hubs.

And there will be many to follow ranging from sporting clubs, apparel manufacturers, newspapers, to TV programs, local government and music festivals.

They’re onto something, and its called Stackla.

You can still play where the people are playing, you can just let them have more fun in something you’ve provided just for them!

Why does it pay? For the following reasons:

  • Increased page impressions & session times on your site
  • Collect more user data
  • Integrate sponsors into social media conversation without the backlash
  • Showcase the best social media conversation about your brand

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