SBS presents The Social Hub for Le Tour

By Peter Cassidy - June 27, 2012
1 mins read time
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The SBS Cycling Central Social Hub trawls Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr and brings the most popular Tour de France content into one place for you.

See what our SBS commentary team is tweeting about from France, catch all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos posted by the Tour teams and their riders, or check out the amazing photos posted by fans along the road across France as the race unfolds.

Our filters let you choose what you’d like to see. Only want to view the official Twitter accounts? Too easy. Just want to look at fan photos? That’s fine, too. The interface, built by Stackla, is completely customisable to your content preferences.

Once you register, via Facebook, Twitter, Google or other methods, you’ll be able to rate all the content, share it, comment on it and add your own content to the stack.

You can even connect your own social accounts and build your own Stackla profile.

As you contribute your own content, and as people like your stuff, you’ll unlock badges along the way, which could earn you real-life rewards and prizes in the future, so stay tuned, and spread the word.

The SBS Cycling Central Social Hub is already buzzing with Tour de France social media content from across the world and particularly in France itself.

So get on board, and start adding your voice to the conversation.

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