Product Update: September 2018

By Noor Hammad - September 4, 2018
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This month we have a bunch of improvements to enhance multi-touchpoint campaigns, enable integration with third-party platforms and bring more AI-powered smarts to your daily Stackla workflows.

There’s plenty to share so let’s jump right in…

Social Sharing Tools

Creating enough content to keep up with modern social workflows is challenging and republishing your best user-generated content provides a great way to meet the demands of content hungry social audiences.

Stackla has always helped you discover and obtain rights to the best customer content on the web.

New social sharing integrations for Stackla Asset Manager make sharing this rights approved content on your social channels a breeze.

For Hootsuite users we have launched a new app on the Hootsuite App Directory that connects Hootsuite with Stackla Asset Manager.

When you are creating a new post in Hootsuite, you can choose any image from Stackla Asset Manager to attach to your post, directly from the Hootsuite Media Library.

This provides an easy way to repost rights approved, user-generated content back to your social networks. Learn how here.

We’ve also added integrations for Buffer, Hubspot Social, Zoho Social, Social Pilot, Later, and more.

Read all about them here on the Stackla Support Portal.

Asset Editor

Sometimes you need to tweak an asset — crop it, add a filter, overlay some text — before you post it to social.

These simple edits need not require you to jump in to a fully fledged editor like Photoshop or Sketch. They can be achieved with some smart tools built right into the browser, which is exactly what we’ve baked in to Stackla Asset Manager.

You can now filter, adjust, rotate and crop (there’s even some handy default social post sizes built in) to your heart’s content.

Similar Image Search

Picture this: you’ve discovered the perfect piece of user-generated content and you want to know if there are more just like it in your Stack.

Visual Recognition now makes this a breeze, just click the “View Similar Tiles” option from the overflow menu. Stackla will search through all the content in your Stack that has been scanned by Visual Recognition and surface the content the best matches your selection.

Video Visual Recognition

Visual Recognition applies image recognition algorithms to your content to detect relevant features and automatically apply labels to save you moderation time and make your visual content searchable.

We have now extended this functionality to include video. Instagram, Twitter and GoConnect videos are supported.

You can switch on video processing in the Advanced Visual Recognitions settings page.

Zapier Updates

Zapier is a platform that lets you make over 1,000 apps talk to each other via an easy to use web interface. Stackla is one of them.

This update adds a few new “Actions” to our Zapier plugin. Actions allow you to complete tasks in Stackla in response to triggers from third-party applications.

The new Actions are:

  • Create a Discovery Term
  • Create a Filter
  • Add a Historic Tile (via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter URL)

Learn more about Zapier and how you can use it to connect Stackla with your favourite web applications here.

Email Plugin

Our built-in email displays provide you with a way to integrate UGC into email campaigns via any email marketing platform.

We’ve increased the number of Tiles you can add to an individual email campaign from 5 to 25.

Learn how to integrate user-generated content in to your email marketing.

Simple Embeds for WordPress

The Stackla for WordPress plugin was built for teams who wished to create Terms, Filters and Widgets from within the WordPress backend. This plugin puts Stackla administration in the hands of WordPress users.

However, some organisations wish to limit the control their WordPress administrators have over Stackla configuration, allowing them to embed existing Widgets that Stackla Administrators have configured, we’ve released a new plugin.

Our new plugin, Stackla Simple Embed for WordPress, allows you to do just that. After installing and activating the plugin, your WordPress administrators can embed Stackla Widgets in WordPress posts and pages via a simple shortcode.

Get started

As always our Customer Success team would love to hear your feedback on these updates and are available to help you get started with any of the new features. Drop your Customer Service account manager a line to chat.

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