Product Update: October 2018

By Noor Hammad - October 9, 2018
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September was a huge month of product updates here at Stackla. We’ve kept the pedal to the metal in October with new features to make it even easier to put your best assets to work, predictive content ordering, AI-powered spam detection and more.

Without further ado…

Chrome Extension

We’ve launched a brand new extension for Google Chrome that makes it even easier to put your best assets to work on the web.

The Stackla Chrome Extension creates a link between your Chrome browser and Stackla Asset Manager.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to search, sort and filter your assets by keyword, tag, origin, network source, media type and date range. You can then download your assets and upload to your favourite web apps like social management platforms and CMS’s. You can grab a publicly accessible link to import your media in to marketing tools or hotlink in emails and websites. For apps that support drag and drop, you can do just that.

Check out this short video to see it in action:

Grab the extension on the Chrome Web Store and there’s some documentation to take you through the detail on the Stackla Support Portal.

Similar Location Search

Last month we released “similar image” search, which helps you find visually similar content to an image of your choice.

This month we’re adding the ability to search for content from a similar location.

When you find a Tile you like and want to see more content from the same geolocation, just click the “Find Tiles from this location” option from the overflow menu.

Stackla will search through all the geotagged content in your Stack and sort it by proximity to your chosen Tile.

Co-Pilot Predictive Display Ordering

When configuring Filters, there are two new options for sorting content that are powered by Co-Pilot.


This option sorts content based on the likelihood that it will attract engagements – clicks, likes, votes, comments etc – from your end users.

Most Recommended

This option sorts content based on the number of Co-Pilot recommendations on a Tile.

Instant Filter Previews

Filters are a core component of Stackla and the way you group your content for display.

We’ve given the Filter management screens an update, most notably when creating and editing a Filter, you’ll now get an instant preview of the content that will be displayed.

AI-Powered Spam Detection

A new AI-powered spam detection filter is available on Pro and Platform tier Stacks. This filter identifies poor and low quality content to recommend for disabling.

To learn more and have this enabled on your Stack, contact your Customer Success Account Manager.

Co-Pilot Model Configuration

A new configuration screen has been added to give you greater control over your Co-Pilot configuration.

Options allow you to switch specific recommendation models on / off, adjust the model training schedule, initiate a manual model retrain and automate the application of Co-Pilot recommendations.

Learn more on the Stackla Support Portal.

Get in touch

That’s a wrap for October, we’ve got plenty of exciting announcements for November so stay tuned. As always we would love to hear your feedback, drop your Customer Success Account Manager a line to chat.

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