Product Update: March 2019

By Noor Hammad - March 26, 2019
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This month we’re excited to introduce a brand new feature designed to help you build more efficient workflows in Stackla.

Introducing Automation Rules

Stackla has always provided very granular aggregation rules that allow you to automatically tag and publish content based on its source. However, some challenges require more complex logic to achieve.

Our brand new Automation Rules allow Stackla moderators to build decision tree style workflows based on:

  • The network source
  • The media type
  • The contents of the caption
  • The concepts detected by visual recognition

Based on the above, actions can be applied such as:

  • Adding location
  • Adding tag(s)
  • Adding a sentiment score

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had a unique challenge which they used Automation Rules to solve.

Their #WorldWideWickets campaign was envisioned as a way to share all the different places in the world people play cricket. Whether on a cricket pitch, in the park, in the back yard or on the road, ICC wanted to encourage cricket fans to share their pictures which they would then visualize on a map.

They anticipated that Instagram would be the most popular network, especially in places like cricket-mad India where Instagram is extremely popular. Unfortunately, Instagram recently removed geolocation data from hashtag content, so they were in a bit of a pickle.

Using our new Automation Rules they devised a smart solution:

  • The campaign call-to-action would be #WorldWideWickets + a country hashtag eg. #WorldWideWickets #Pakistan
  • Stackla Automation Rules would look for the country hashtag in each post (or a mention of the country in the caption) and then assign a relevant geolocation to the post in Stackla

The content, now enriched with geo-coordinates, could be displayed on the Stackla Map Widget and cricket fans could explore locations around the world and see where fellow cricket enthusiasts played.

“Stackla’s interactive map visualisation was ideal for our Worldwide Wickets campaign, which showcases the unique and wonderful places that people play cricket. To depict the global reach of the game, we sought to ensure the location of all social content was captured and mapped, not just the ones that were manually geo-tagged by the user. Whenever a social post mentioned the #WorldwideWickets hashtag and a country or major city, Stackla’s rules engine automatically applied the relevant longitude and latitude coordinates, allowing us to pinpoint this incredible imagery and further bring the game to life across our digital platforms.”Alistair Hogg, Digital Content Manager, International Cricket Council (ICC)

Automation Rules are available now for all customers. Find them under the Settings menu.

Instagram Simple Visual Recognition

Instagram recently added simple visual recognition to all posts on their platform.

Their models detect a limited number of concepts such as the number of people in an image and general concepts such as activities and objects.

Stackla will now aggregate these concepts with each Instagram post and apply them to the Tiles.

Updates & Improvements

  • New Asset Manager endpoints have been added to our REST API so you can manage your Assets programmatically.
  • For Japanese speakers, we have released a Chrome Extension that translates the Stackla Admin.
  • Stackla is now Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust, Assurance and Risk (STAR) Certified.

Thanks for your feedback.

We have received lots of feedback on our Slack App and Two-Factor Authentication announced in our February update. Thank you to those who contacted us to share their thoughts.

As always, we’d love to hear from you so we can keep our product roadmap moving in the right direction. If you have any questions or comments, please drop your Customer Success Manager a line or contact us.

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