Product Update: June 2019

By Steve Birchall - June 19, 2019
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Social Integration for GoConnect

Originally released four years ago, our GoConnect forms have been enabling brands to bypass third-party social networks to receive image content directly from their customers. Over that time, we’ve been continuously improving this tool: adding video, text and audio files to the list of content inputs we support, allowing marketers to fully customize the forms for brand consistency, offering unlimited custom information fields for data capture as well as the ability to rights manage all content that’s submitted through direct upload.

Now, GoConnect forms can also pull in and upload multiple visual assets directly from people’s Facebook and Instagram profiles — giving brands a golden opportunity to collect content from people with private accounts.

When consumers are presented with a GoConnect upload form, they can now also log into their personal Instagram or Facebook accounts to select one or more images from their profiles or Facebook Albums. They can even add custom comments, captions or hashtags to their posts before submitting them. And all the images, comments and data will seamlessly integrate with all other existing GoConnect features and functionalities.

Social Commerce Improvements

While we’ve long enabled customers to connect content to commerce using Product Tags and actionable ShopSpots, this month we’ve released a number of social commerce improvements to make it easier than ever to use UGC to drive online sales.

Stackla customers are now able to connect one or more XML Product Feed(s) to their stack(s). Any feeds based upon the Google Merchant or Facebook Product Catalog XML schema are supported by Stackla and can be easily generated from all major eCommerce platforms. At a minimum, we require Feeds to include the following attributes:

  • Product ID
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Link
  • Product Image URL
  • Product Availability
  • Product Price

Product Feed configuration can be done in the Stackla Admin User Interface under “Settings” and requires customers to define Product Group Name, Product Feed URL and their desired update frequency.

Once connected, these Product Feeds will be automatically synced with Stackla on a daily or weekly basis — with the option to manually push syncs whenever the brand sees fit.

Product Variants and Product Groups in Stackla now allow brands to show different pricing, descriptions and more based on the defined market or language. So, for example, the same product details on a piece of UGC can be displayed in English on a brands’ English-Canadian site and in French on their French-Canadian Site.

Additionally, Stackla now supports Product Availability handling on UGC widgets — meaning content will dynamically display based on stock availability. With this new capability, Stackla customers have the power to set whether product information will automatically be displayed or hidden on a piece of UGC depending on if that product’s stock status is available, out-of-stock or on pre-order — saving eCommerce teams heaps of time and aggravation.

Improved User Groups

User Groups enable Stackla customers to set custom access controls based on the needs of specific roles and stakeholders within the platform. We’ve now expanded and improved upon the number of User Groups types and variations we support based on feedback from our enterprise customers.

All stacks now have this new User Access Group structure in place, with clearer naming conventions and descriptions so you can ensure everyone on your team has the necessary access they require.

Browser Extension

Stackla’s highly popular Chrome Extension has been updated to support increased compatibility across all Chromium Browser types.

This means that customers using the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Opera or other popular niche browsers like Brave, Yandex or Chromium, can perform the same functions that previously only Chrome Users enjoyed.



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