Product Update: February 2020

By Steve Birchall - February 26, 2020
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Stackla Email Campaign Tile Embed Tracking

Have you ever wondered: How many people are seeing the UGC Tiles in my Stackla email campaigns? When are they looking at them? Are they looking at them multiple times? Are the people who see them then progressing onto our site?

Now you can get answers to all those questions with our new Google Analytics Event Tracking for Stackla Email Campaign Tile Embeds!

The new Event Tracking tracks impressions relating to each of the Embeds within a created campaign in customers’ Google Analytics account.

To enable the new functionality, all you need to do is:

  • Install our Google Analytics plugin
  • Select ‘Track Embed Impressions’ when generating the HTML for the Tile Embed

Want to extend this tracking to click-throughs, or wish to profile users along the way? Our developer support page explains how the email Tile Embed tracking works as well as how it can be customized or extended.

New Public and Custom Visual Recognition Models

Here at Stackla, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the content marketing space when it comes to using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to help enterprise brands effectively discover, curate and manage UGC.

One of the key pillars of our AI offering has been visual recognition, which automatically identifies key visual concepts in UGC images and videos.

As we mentioned in last month’s product update, we’ve rolled out a series of improvements to our visual recognition offering and are now the only vendor in the space to offer genre, situational and social-specific visual recognition models to customers.

Here are the newest models now available to all customers:

Demographics – Predicts the age, gender and cultural appearance of individuals who are in a photo or video.

Textures & Patterns – Identifies key textures, patterns or other design elements that may exist within a photo or video.

Social Popular Shots – Classifies popular social post types such as Selfies, Landscape, Pet Shots, Unboxing and more.

Makeup Looks– Identifies different makeup styles and techniques that have been used within a social post.

Interior Styles – Classifies interior decor styles (i.e. Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist) identified within a social post.

Room Model – Identifies interior rooms within houses and buildings (i.e. Library, Foyer) within a social post.

Ambiance – Predicts the mood, character or atmosphere (i.e. relaxed setting) of a particular social post.

Dog Breeds – Identifies different breeds of dogs and other attributes relating to dogs (i.e. Puppy) within a social post.

In addition to the eight new model types made available to our customers (bringing the total number of model options to 18), Stackla also supports custom models which can be created three different ways:

  • By our visual recognition technology partner, Clarifai, on behalf of a customer
  • By a customer using Clarifai’s Custom Model Builder
  • By Stackla via Professional Services

Custom Models naturally are designed to help solve any gaps in our visual recognition offering as well as bespoke needs for customers. Some examples of Custom Models brands might want to build include:

  • Identifying key landmarks (i.e. Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Identifying logos (i.e. Nike, Adidas)
  • Identifying products (i.e. particular shoes or items of clothing)
  • Identifying specific people (i.e. Brand Ambassadors)

A stack can have more than one Custom Model running at a time, and all Custom Model concepts can be used with Stackla features such as Co-Pilot, Automation Rules and Filters.

Alternative Workflows for Rights via Registration 

Stackla now supports two alternate workflows for Instagram content through our Rights via Registration product to help cater to different customer use cases.

The first workflow enables brands to allow Instagram Creator Accounts to pick and choose any image or video posts from their Instagram Account to rights approve, allowing brands to collect multiple assets from a single Creator.

The second workflow allows for brands to be prescriptive around exactly which specific post they want reviewed by the Instagram Creator, with only those posts marked as ‘Rights Approve’ being presented to the Creator.

Talk to your Customer Success Account Manager to get support in setting up the best rights workflow for your requirements.

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