Product Update: February 2019

By Noor Hammad - February 6, 2019
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Introducing our official Slack App

Last year we started working on ways to help you integrate Stackla into your daily workflows.

Our first release was our Chrome Extension, which allows you to search, download and embed rights-approved user-generated content from Stackla Asset Manager, right within Chrome. In the past couple months, we added the ability to send posts to your Stack when browsing social networks like Instagram and Twitter and request rights at the same time.

This month, we’re pleased to announce our first integration with one of the most popular workflow tools – Slack.

Instant Notifications

Our official Slack App sends notifications to a Slack channel (or channels) of your choice when a content creator approves your Rights Management request. You’ll see the post media, caption, network and current moderation status right there in the message.

Direct Asset Downloads

When a Rights Management request is approved by the content creator, the image or video is sent directly to your Stackla Asset Manager, so we’ve included an action button to download a high resolution version of the asset directly from the notification.

Direct Publishing

You can also choose to configure your Slack notifications to include Publish, Queue and Disable buttons so your Slack channel members can moderate freshly approved content from directly in Slack.

Available Now

Our official Slack App is now available to all customers. Install it from the Slack App Directory today.

Send To… webhooks

On the topic of workflows, webhooks are a powerful tool for connecting Stackla to many of the third party technologies you use every day.

In response to common events, such as a new Tile being created or a rights request being approved, you can configure a notification with relevant data to be sent to a URL of your choice. Typically these notifications are automated and sent on every instance of the event, however there are times when you want to be selective about sending notifications.

Our new “Send To” webhooks allow you to configure an option to be added to a Tile or Asset’s action menu in Stackla. Selecting the option on any Tile or Asset will fire the relevant webhook.

When combined with a middleware tool like Zapier, this makes it easy to create workflows, such as sending an Asset to Google Drive or data captured by Rights Management to Salesforce.

Send To… webhooks are available now for all customers with our standard webhooks feature.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is becoming a standard best practice for securing web apps.

By adding an additional authentication layer on top of the typical username + password, two-factor authentication helps secure your favorite web apps and the data held within them.

Stackla is no exception. We recently added support for two-factor authentication, compatible with all common 2FA apps such as Google Authenticator.

We strongly recommend encouraging your Stack Admins to configure 2FA login by following the instructions on the Stackla Support Portal.

Updates and improvements

There are a number of other updates, including improvements to Tile management and additions to our official Zapier integration, Chrome Extension and Stackla Asset Manager, which you can read about in the February release notes.

Tell us what you think

We’re excited to get the year underway with a brand new Slack integration and have plenty of exciting updates planned for the coming months. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please drop us a line or have a chat to your Customer Success Account Manager if you have something to share.

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