Product Update: December 2018

By Noor Hammad - December 12, 2018
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You wanted more Rights Management functionality, improved organization in our Asset Manager and an easy way to get higher resolution visuals from customers. Our product team delivered all of that and more!

There’s a lot to share so let’s get to it…

Get Original Visual Files With Rights Management Upload Forms

Picture this: you’ve found a great customer photo on Instagram and you’d love to use it as campaign creative.

Naturally, your first stop should be Rights Management to reach out to the content creator and receive permission to use their content. You love the photo so much you’d like to feature it as a website hero image or across your print collateral (like our friends at Busabout do), but Instagram’s 1080 x 1080px default just won’t cut it.

Lucky for you, we now make it easy to request and receive the original, high resolution image file from that user. With our new Rights Management upload forms, you can ask your customers to upload a full resolution photo and any other photos or videos they’d be happy for you to feature as part of the Rights Management process.

When configuring your Stackla Rights Management forms, you can now add file uploads in addition to the standard contact and custom data fields. Content creators can use these fields to upload up to 20 image, video or audio files at a time and grant you rights with a single click.

Rights via Registration Inline Terms & Conditions

If you’ve ever used our Rights via Registration forms to obtain permission to a customers’ content, you know that the standard terms and conditions (T&Cs) workflow includes a link out to your T&Cs with a checkbox acknowledgment for the user to submit.

However, not every marketing team can easily spin up their own official T&Cs on their corporate site without involving one or more internal web and/or engineering teams, which can significantly slow down your ability to efficiently curate rights approved UGC.

For those of you who require your T&Cs to be in your rights forms but can’t quickly create the link yourselves, you can now easily draft and configure your own T&Cs right inside your Rights Management forms.

Chrome Extension Rights Requests

If you haven’t downloaded our Stackla Chrome Extension yet, now’s the time. Not only does it let you quickly find, download and/or drag and drop the best UGC from your Stackla Asset Manager┬áinto your favorite social and web platforms, but it also offers another easy way to add the great UGC you may find while browsing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to your Stack.

Pretty cool, right? Well, we just made it ever better!

Now, whenever you spot amazing UGC on Instagram or YouTube and go to add it to your Stack using our Chrome Extension, you can also simultaneously send a Rights Management request right as you’re creating that tile in Stackla.

Asset Manager Collections

In the past few months, we’ve added useful tools like image editing and similar tile sorting to our Stackla Asset Manager. This month, we’re adding the ability to create what we call Collections.

Collections allow you to group multiple assets together for improved organization and access control within the Asset Manager.

There are three types of Collections you can create:

  • Private – just for yourself
  • Group – to share with groups of Stackla users that you define
  • Unrestricted – available to all users of your Stack

With that in mind, you can now create any number of personal, regional or departmental Collections organized in whatever categories, themes or content types that work for your brand. If you’re a travel brand, maybe you want to create different Collections for each destination you offer trips to. If you’re a CPG brand, maybe you prefer to organize your Collections around specific products or seasonal campaigns. The choice is up to you!

A New Dashboard Look & Feel

Your first stop upon logging into Stackla needed a bit of a refresh. The new dashboard brings forward some useful information, highlighting exactly how many authentic user-generated visuals you’ve aggregated, Co-Pilot’s latest content recommendations, a snapshot of your recent rights requests and how many new assets have been added to your Stackla Asset Manager, as well as your top UGC Tiles by impressions and interactions.

Content API Plugin

Our REST API is the most comprehensive offering of any user-generated content platform and has been used by brands to build deep integrations with their marketing technologies, as well as some fantastic custom content activations.

However, a full REST API isn’t always necessary. For example, when building simple visualizations or feeding content to digital-out-of-home (DOOH) or display ad platforms.

In these cases, a simple JSON feed of published content will suffice and that’s exactly what our Content API provides, making it easy for you to feed content from Stackla into other platforms that power simple displays.

That’s a Wrap

December has been another big month of updates and has capped off a huge 12 months at Stackla.

We’d love to hear your feedback going into the holidays as we plan our next round of releases for early 2019. Drop your Account Manager a line to chat.

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