Product Update: August 2019

By Marta Crowe - August 27, 2019
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New Conversion Reporting Tools

The latest addition to the Stackla Reporting suite is a series of new tools to help brands better define the conversion of user-generated content (UGC) across their digital properties.

The first is the Stackla Tracking Pixel, which enables brands to attribute specific events, such as purchases, donations or sign-ups back to specific Tiles, Widgets and Product Tags within their Stack. These events feed into a specific reporting feed, which can provide transactional and object-specific insights and be tied in with your business intelligence (BI) tools. The new Commerce section within the Stackla Developer Portal contains instructions for leveraging the Tracking Pixel, Product Feed, and commerce reporting and eCommerce integrations.

The second are our Google Analytics Assets, which allow brands to more effectively segment the impact of Stackla within their existing Analytics Properties. These can be found in the new Analytics section of our developer portal. Adobe Analytics and Facebook Analytics will soon also be included in this section.

Product Feed Improvements

A series of improvements have been made to the Product Feed functionality available within Stackla. With helpful feedback from customers leveraging the feature, Stackla has enhanced the feed to provide more comprehensive reporting relating to both successful and unsuccessful synchronisations, as well as details around the last successful and unsuccessful runs of the process.

Improved First-Time User Experience

Stackla now has a new user onboarding workflow, making it even easier to set up your first Stack and kick-start your UGC implementation strategy. Our new Quick Start Workflow guides new users through the process of connecting social accounts, adding official channels as terms, setting up rights via response, inviting other users and adding the Stackla Chrome extension. The new workflow is presented to all new accounts and is also auto-enabled on any existing accounts that don’t have any Terms created.

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