Product Spotlight: Social Sharing Tools

By Noor Hammad - September 19, 2018
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The ever increasing demand of content-hungry social audiences has left most marketers feeling the pinch.

People want to follow brands; 86 percent of social media users want to, and do, follow brands on social. But not if the content brands are posting is cringeworthy, “look at me” content. In fact, 71 percent have unfollowed a brand because they found their social content embarrassing.

However, it’s not easy for social media teams to develop and share a multitude of interesting, engaging and visual posts across multiple social channels everyday. The majority of marketers (65 percent) wrestle with the challenge of consistently creating enough engaging, well designed visual content.

This leaves marketers with both a quantity and quality problem they need to solve.

Supplement what you create, with what you curate

Smart marketers are turning to user-generated content (UGC), to provide a sufficient supply of engaging visual content for their social audiences.

There’s an army of content creators with smartphones, creating content relevant to your brand and products that you can discover, curate and repost. Nearly 52 percent of people say they post on social media at least once a month about products they’ve purchased.

And the content they’re posting is some of the best you’ll find.

Eighty percent of the content Canon Australia shares on their social channels is customer created. And on Instagram, their UGC first strategy has paid off big time.

“Instagram is our fastest growing channel and it’s powered 100 percent by user-generated content,” said Jensen Baptista, Consumer Engagement Manager at Canon Australia.

With over 300K followers, Canon Australia’s Instagram channel has grown by 100K followers every year since switching to a UGC-first strategy.

Tito’s Vodka has also seen a huge increase in the velocity of posts containing their brand hashtag #LoveTitos since they started reposting customer content on social.

From the beginning of 2017, the number of #LoveTitos posts online grew 254 percent.

Tito’s Web & Social Media Coordinator, Katy Gelhausen, said, “Stackla has helped us tap into the volume of content that was already out there about our brand.”

A modern social workflow

Stackla can help you build a best practice workflow for discovering, curating and republishing user-generated content to your social channels.

Discover the best content

Our content discovery engine taps in to 25+ sources including major social networks, minor networks, niche and regional networks, feeds and data streams and even direct upload. From hashtags to geolocation, sophisticated tools help you pinpoint the best user-generated content from the millions of pieces posted every day.

Smart, efficient curation

AI-powered content curation makes short work of labelling, sorting and organizing content.

Get legal rights and acknowledge your brand advocates

Rights Management tools help you stay on the right side of your legal team and content creators, allowing your to reach out and request permission to repost user-generated content to your social channels.

By requesting permission you’re acknowledging the content creator (always a good idea), and you can even capture data and build rewards in to the Rights Management workflows to deepen your relationship with your best brand advocates.

Integrate seamlessly with your SMM platform

Once you’ve discovered the best user-generated content and obtained rights to repost it, the next step is to slot it into your existing workflows.

Stackla Asset Manager — our single platform to manage all your owned, paid and earned visual content — connects directly to your social media management platform of choice. You can even prep your assets — filter, adjust, rotate and crop (there’s even some handy default social post sizes built in) right there in the browser — before pushing to your SMM platform.


For Hootsuite users we have launched a new app on the Hootsuite App Directory that connects Hootsuite with Stackla.

When you are creating a new post in Hootsuite, you’ll find all your rights approved user-generated content available directly from the Hootsuite Media Library.


A direct integration between Stackla Asset Manager and Buffer allows you to push content directly to Buffer with a single click.

Social Sharing Browser Extensions

If you’re using one of the official browser extensions from Hubspot Social, Zoho Social, Social Pilot, Later or, our compatibility with those extensions means you can slide user-generated content seamlessly into your existing social workflow.

By supplementing brand created content with curated, user-generated content, – you can satisfy audience demand and post more engaging, effective content to your social channels.

See how you can start getting better content with less effort.

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