Product Roundup: May 2020

By Steve Birchall - May 21, 2020
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Amid the ongoing COVID chaos, our product team has been keeping their noses to the grindstone (from the safety of their respective homes) in order to continue developing new features and improvements to our platform, so marketers like you can keep delivering better customer experiences with less effort.

This month, we’re releasing new external asset sharing capabilities, support for TikTok videos and Yelp review UGC Tile creation and improved Organic Influencer functionality.

External Asset Sharing

Have you ever needed to share a great piece (or collection) of visual UGC in Stackla with an agency, partner or contractor who doesn’t have a Stackla account? Our external asset sharing feature makes it easier than ever to do just that!

Instead of needing to individually download each piece the UGC then upload them separately to a shared drive, email, Slack channel, etc., you’ll be able to simply create a public sharing URL for any Collection in your Stackla Asset Manager with the click of a button.

Each Collection in your stack will have its own unique, mobile-friendly URL that contains all the respective visual asset files, along with relevant metadata such as file name, tags, dimensions and file size.

External share links will support all file types within your Stackla Asset Manager — image, video, audio and PDF — and the URL will automatically update in real time as assets are added or removed from the Collection within Stackla.

Creating a public sharing URL can be done within your existing Collection permissions settings. To make a Collection private once a public sharing URL has been created, all you need to do is update the permissions on that specific Collection.

External asset sharing will be available in all customer stacks later this month, making it easier than ever to share your rights-managed UGC with non-Stackla users.

TikTok Videos & Yelp Reviews Are Now Supported in Stackla via Our Create Tile Functionality

It’s no secret that TikTok has been on a meteoric rise — particularly over the last couple of months — and Yelp reviews have long been crucial to service-focused companies, like restaurants, hotels, gyms and more.

Now, we’re helping our customers across these industries curate, manage and publish this valuable UGC via Stackla. We’ve expanded our Create Tile functionality to support the upload of individual reviews from Yelp! and individual videos from TikTok.

TikTok videos curated via Create Tile will now bring in the TikTok video along with the Likes, comments and other relevant video information.

Yelp! Reviews curated via Create Tile will bring in the post’s rating, initial summary and other relevant information relating to the property.

Other improvements to our Create Tile functionality include added support for additional HTML elements, making it even easier to embed content from third-party sources.

Support for TikTok via the Browser Extension

Stackla’s Browser Extension now supports adding TikTok videos directly from the social network in just a few clicks.

Simply find the video you want from the TikTok website, and add quickly to your stack in the same way Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos can be added.

The Browser Extension works on all Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers.

Access Control List Simplification

Creating custom user groups in Stackla has just gotten easier with Access Control Lists (ACLs) simplified in the platform.

Following customer feedback, ACL within the Platform has been simplified to make it easier for customers to set both coarse and fine grain settings.

Organic Influencers Improvements 

At the end of 2019, we launched a next-generation influencer marketing tool, called Organic Influencers. Since then, our team has been working to continue improving the functionality and flexibility of this tool. The first of many updates to Organic Influencers includes a new registration method and added customization for creative briefs.

In order for people to register or sign into a brand’s Organic Influencers creator portal, they used to need an Instagram account. We’ve now updated the registration/login method on creator portals so that people need nothing more than an email address and to create a password to sign up — greatly expanding the pool of people you can invite to join your influencer or advocate community.

This new registration method includes added email validation and password management to Organic Influencers’ overall User Management capabilities.

Already have people registered to your Organic Influencers’ community? Existing community members will be able to re-join using the email address they defined previously when logging in via Instagram.

Looking for a bit more flexibility when it comes to the structure of your creative briefs? You can now customize the sub-headers within each creative brief to better align them with your brand’s voice and requirements.

You’ll find these customization fields under the ‘Additional Settings’ section at the bottom of the creative brief editor.

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