Product Roundup: December 2020

By Steve Birchall - December 17, 2020
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As we prepare to say good riddance to 2020 and a warm hello to 2021, the product team here at Stackla have been pumping out new features and advanced functionalities to help brands hit the ground running in the new year.

This month’s product roundup includes new Google Ads functionality, browser extension improvements, a new asset management plugin and advanced Organic Influencers capabilities.

Google Ads for UGC Widgets

Google Ads are a key part of most B2C marketing strategies aiming to drive discovery, (re)engagement and sales. Now, we’re giving you a new way to monetize your UGC galleries by enabling you to dynamically feature Google Display Ads within your Stackla widgets.

Installing our new Google Ads for Widgets plugin will allow you to render a Google Ad Unit within any Stackla widget whenever a user clicks to expand a predefined number of UGC tiles (which includes clicking to expand the tile or navigating expanded tiles by clicking left or right).

With this plugin, you can define:

  • What size Ad Unit displays
  • What ‘Topic’ the Ad relates to
  • When it appears (i.e. After every expanded tile, after X number of clicks)

The Google Ads will appear for a load time of 5 seconds before the end user can close and continue navigating. Ads are defined by the tags associated with the UGC tile loading, allowing you to show different ads based upon what the end user is interested in.

The plugin can be customized on a per widget basis, meaning you can show different ad types, sizes and so on, on a per execution basis.

Start featuring Google Ads in your Stackla UGC widgets by following the instructions in this support article.

Browser Extension Improvements

As most Stackla customers already know, our Stackla Browser Extension has been making it easier for brands to add and use UGC visuals to and from their Stackla Asset Managers for years now.

This month, we’ve released version 2.7 of our Chromium Browser Extension (for Chrome, Edge, Opera) with added functionality. Now, you can use our Browser Extension to request rights on Instagram content and to add TikTok content to your stack directly from your web browser.

With our Browser Extension, you can now:

  • Add UGC post from Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter directly to your Stackla stack
  • Rights manage UGC posts on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter directly from your browser
  • Drag and drop or download assets from our Stackla Asset Manager

WebDAM Plugin

Believe it or not, we’ve added over 40 new plugins to Stackla’s Plugin Directory this year — and WebDAM is the latest!

WebDAM is a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solution that helps businesses streamline workflows by consolidating visual content on a central platform. They also happen to be owned by our partners at Bynder.

With our new WebDAM plugin, you can send all your best UGC assets from Stackla to any WebDAM, along with each asset’s metadata including EXIF data. Both automated and manual asset sends are supported.

Organic Influencer Improvements

Our Organic Influencer tool is turning one year old! To celebrate, we’re rolling out a bunch of exciting new improvements.

Support for multiple languages

Organic Influencers now offers multilingual support. That means your private community portal is no longer limited to English. As of today, you can change the default language of your Organic Influencer community portal to either French, Japanese or Spanish.

Public briefs

The ability to develop custom creative briefs is one of the most valuable components of our Organic Influencer tool because it enables you to quickly and easily show and tell your community exactly what types of content you’d like them to create for any given campaign, product or service.

Now, your creative briefs can be shared publicly to anyone in your community as well as privately to only the select people you’ve invited to view it. Having the flexibility to create and share public briefs with your community will give you more options on how you’d like to engage with your group of brand advocates.

New asset types

When we first launched Organic Influencers, our creative briefs were built to solicit and capture customer and influencer image submissions. We’ve now expanded the types of assets brands can capture through creative briefs.

Content creators in your community can now submit audio and/or video content through your Organic Influencers creative briefs — along with written captions.

New year, new features and functionalities to enjoy!

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