Product Feature Spotlight: Universal Search

By Steve Birchall - July 10, 2019
2 mins read time
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There is a vast world of content online, with an estimated 3.2 billion new social posts being shared everyday. Stackla has long been the most effective way for brands to surface the best, most relevant content from across the social web.

Today, we’re making social content discovery easier than ever with the release of our new discovery interface and Universal Search capabilities.

Like most other user-generated content (UGC) marketing platforms, marketers previously needed to create search terms for each individual network within Stackla to start aggregating UGC from various social networks.

Now, we’ve streamlined Stackla’s entire term-creation process so you can begin aggregating the best content from multiple social networks in no time.

Introducing Universal Search

With Stackla’s new Universal Search feature, you can instantly search one keyword across all the world’s top social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Weibo and more. Simply enter a single hashtag, keyword, user, page or place, then sit back and watch the most relevant search results simultaneously appear, ready for you to take individual or batch actions.

As you can see in the video above, numerous results populate once you’ve entered a term into the search bar. When you run a search, the results are displayed from all major networks, then broken down by specific term types, such as mentions, users, hashtags and keywords. All the results are displayed by relevance based on various factors, like how much content is posted on that channel or using that hashtag/keyword, etc.

In addition to providing multi-network results for the term you’ve entered, Stackla’s Universal Search goes one step further to offer other suggested terms relevant to your original search. For example, in the video above, we entered the keyword “aatkings” and the hashtag #smileaatkings was suggested for Instagram.

You’ll then have the power to preview all suggested term results or manually select which results you’d like to preview before individually or batch selecting to turn on (and edit) each term within your stack.

If you’re familiar with editing terms in Stackla, you’ll notice you can still make all the same great granular edits, they’re just in a cleaner, more user-friendly format now. The ability to refine each of your terms settings for things like visual recognition, sentiment and language controls, automatic safe-for-work filtering, user inclusion and exclusion lists and more, ensures that you’re always aggregating more of the content you want and less of the content you don’t.

Only want the best content from Instagram? Or want to find content from a specific location on Twitter? No problem! You also have the flexibility to choose a single network to search within to get top results and the most relevant term suggestions.

With Stackla’s updated content discovery interface and new Universal Search, you can spend less time setting up your terms and more time getting more of the authentic, high-quality content you need to fuel all your marketing activities.

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