Paint brushes at the ready for Stackla’s volunteering day at ‘Shelter from the Storm’

August 5, 2016
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The team here at Stackla wanted to give something back to a charitable cause that mattered to all of us. Working in London we all frequently see people sleeping on the streets and know it is a growing concern. So after some research we came across Shelter from the Storm charity, we instantly could see the great work they do and wanted to get involved in some way.

Shelter from the Storm is a homeless shelter in London, it is a completely free emergency night shelter, providing a bed, dinner and breakfast for up to 44 homeless people every night of the year. Their mission is to house and support the homeless in London whoever they are, wherever they come from.

It’s a truly exceptional cause, and the lovely, kind people that work there are everyday helping people from all walks of life re-build their life, from finding them a doctor, a counsellor, a lawyer, training, a job. They work with each guest as an individual, supporting them to set achievable and realistic goals that will enable them to work towards a safe, sustainable and happy future. And even little things such as all sitting down each evening to eat together, something that some of us may take for granted.

We contacted the charity and spoke to Matt, he was delighted that we could come and help for the day, he had a great job for us all – painting the ladies’ dormitory. The ladies had requested brighter walls and a general freshen up of their room. Stackla EMEA team were up for the challenge, armed with our paint pots and brushes we set off on our mission!

We all stuck in as a team and with the help of Matt topping us up with tea and coffee throughout the day we managed to complete the room with a brighter, lighter cream colour, not without a few paint stained clothes and aching arms to prove it!

Collage_IMG_0899         Collage_IMG_0900

We would like to thank Matt and his amazing team at Shelter from the Storm for having us and we hope the guests like their newly painted room. It was a real eye opener for us and we were overwhelmed to learn about the great things this charity does. The charity is funded by donation alone so any help is massively appreciated, donations can easily be made here.

Watch this short video to see all the work our team put in!

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