Nosto + Stackla: Making the Future of Commerce Experiences More Authentic and Personal

By Damien Mahoney - June 2, 2021
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For years, marketers have had access to the massive amounts of consumer data that is crucial for personalization. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. To deliver on the promise of personalization, brands need the data, the right tools and enough content to support it all.

In bringing Stackla together with Nosto, we are the first solution to provide brands with the best data, content and deliverability capabilities needed to create truly personalized, authentic shopping experiences at the scale and speed today’s consumers expect.

Why brands need UGC to deliver personalized experiences 

With digital competition fiercer than ever and consumer expectations at an all-time high, most brands are struggling to keep up. A huge gap exists between the content brands are currently offering and the types of highly authentic and personalized experiences consumers seek.

Data has shown that 70 percent of Millennials and 73 percent of Gen Z say it’s important for brands to provide them with personalized experiences.

At the same time, 63 percent of marketers feel pressure to continually produce greater amounts of content at a higher frequency, and 30 percent say lack of content is their biggest hurdle to delivering personalized customer experiences.

At Stackla, we believe user-generated content (UGC) provides the perfect solution for brands by offering the abundance and diversity of trusted, high-performing content marketers need to support the fully personalized experiences they want to create for every shopper across every channel. This is why we’re excited to be joining forces with Nosto’s leading personalization platform, to give brands the ability to make every consumer interaction relevant.

How visual UGC can solve brands’ personalization challenges

Think about the last time you purchased an item of clothing online. Let’s say it was a winter coat. You might have been inspired by the photo of a coat that popped up in your Instagram or Facebook feed. You probably did a few Google searches, clicked around a couple of websites or maybe even sifted through your inbox for any emails about the latest winter trends.

If one brand showed you images of real customers wearing the coat you were interested in alongside the product images, would you be more likely to purchase it?

What if those authentic visuals showed people who were close to your age, size and gender wearing the coat in a location near your home, in the exact color you had been eyeing, doing the things you’d likely be doing in that coat? When the commerce content you see online directly relates to you and is effectively brought to life, how much does that compel you to make a purchase?

To create this kind of hyper-personalized experience for every shopper, everywhere, across every touchpoint—web, mobile, ads, email, social, etc.—brands would need to spend the majority of their time, budgets and resources creating enough unique imagery to support those experiences and continuously keep them fresh.

Instead of wasting all their time and money creating a wide variety of diverse visuals, brands can (and should!) tap into the 3.2 billion social images real people freely post online every day. Buried within each of those user-generated visuals are the most authentic, trusted and relevant brand experiences that people crave and brands simply can’t manufacture.

User-generated content not only helps brands provide consumers with the authentic social proof they seek when making online purchasing decisions but has also been proven to outperform branded- and agency-created content across all digital touchpoints.

Research shows 79 percent of consumers say their purchasing decisions are highly influenced by UGC, and people are 6x more likely to purchase a product if the page includes pictures from social media. Not to mention that when brands make UGC shoppable across on their eCommerce sites they can see online sales increase by over 30 percent.

Great shopping experiences happen when actionable data meets authentic UGC 

Combining data-fueled personalization and dynamic experience delivery with scalable visual UGC, we’re solving the personalization puzzle for brands and making it easier than ever to create more meaningful shopping experiences that drive results.

Joining forces with Nosto gives us the opportunity to transform the way brands interact with shoppers—offering inspiration, building trust, shortening paths to purchase and boosting sales. These are overarching goals that brands across all industries and sizes are striving to achieve.

In fact, as more and more industries—travel, hospitality, CPG, consumer electronics and more—make the post-COVID shift towards digital-first marketing and direct-to-consumer sales, we believe the importance of creating relevant and impactful omnichannel customer experiences will only continue to grow. Through our combined solution, brands across industries will now be able to directly apply the tools and learning from high-growth retailers to their own digital experiences to better compete in a world where consumer interactions and conversions increasingly take place online.

With Nosto and Stackla, delivering authentic, personalized experiences at scale is no longer a lofty goal for marketers; it’s the future of commerce made easy and accessible.

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