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By Noor Hammad - February 5, 2015
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You might be familiar with our Geo-fencing feature. It provides a way to filter content by location.

For instance, if you were aggregating the official Superbowl hashtag #SB49 this week and you wanted to create a widget full of photos from fans in the stands – you could use Geo-fencing to filter the content aggregated to only include posts from inside the stadium.

Superbowl had a single, strong hashtag. But what if you want to aggregate content from a location that doesn’t have an established hashtag?

In that case, you’d need a way to search rather than filter by location…

To solve just this problem, we’ve added a new option when creating terms.

The Geo-radius feature allows you to drop a pin on a map, set a desired radius – from 100m to 40km – and aggregate all the geotagged social content within that region.

Right now this works for Twitter and Instagram as they’re the two networks with reliable geolocation data.

Use cases


Hamilton Island is one of the most spectacular holiday destinations anywhere in the world. Visitors share thousands of happy snaps every month.

A challenge for the Hamilton Island team is to encourage visitors to use the #HamiltonIsland hashtag, or mention “Hamilton Island” in the comments on their posts.

While many do, a lot don’t.

Now the team at Hamilton Island could set a Radius around the island and aggregate every Tweet and Instagram photo posted by someone at the location.

Content like this:


Lacking a hashtag, this content wouldn’t be available without the new Geo-radius feature.


We recently ran our own test of Geo-radius at last week’s Australian Open tennis in Melbourne.

We dropped a pin on the location of Rod Laver Arena – the venue for the Australian Open.

A bunch of great content came through that wasn’t otherwise tagged or marked with the #AustralianOpen hashtag or “Australian Open” phrase.


To sum up, any business, event or campaign that is inherently location based stands to benefit from the Geo-radius feature.

Cool. How do I use it?

Geo-radius is available on all Premium and Enterprise stacks now.

Log in to Stackla, create a Twitter or Instagram term and choose the “Geo-radius” option.

We put together some documentation here to help you get started.

Can’t wait to see how you use it!

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