Is Curated Content the Next Evolution?

By Peter Cassidy - June 26, 2012
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You know what it’s like when something big breaks, or there’s an event trending on Twitter.

It can become an avalanche of information that takes the fun out of Twitter.

Take the example of The Voice, where it was practically impossible to keep up with the chatter while the program was on, without completely missing everything that was happening on your TV screen.

There were also plenty of people complaining how the #voiceAU hashtag was cluttering their feeds during broadcast times.

Plus, there’s plenty of other examples where the sheer volume of information is overwhelming, it’s just the nature of Twitter.

But what if you could provide a service to your fans where they could see a curated feed of all social media content, not just Twitter, in a single page view?

Then, to make it even better, you allow fans to sort by official & non-official, or by platform (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram) or by their friends or any other sub-group relevant to your brand.

Or just in case they love being blasted by the firehose, they can have that too.

Australian free-to-air broadcaster SBS have done this with their Tour de France coverage using Stackla.

They have customised a feed from their talent, competing teams, riders and other relevant hashtags. Plus the best fan content is mixed in with the official content to ensure the experience for the user is a far superior one than just Twitter or Facebook.

Why? Because they are getting the best of all the social platforms in a cool interface where they can rate, comment, share and interact with other fans.

And fans have voted with their feet, generating these incredible stats:

  • 40 page impressions per user session
  • Session duration of over 25 minutes

The above numbers are up to 10 times regular usage. So we reckon that if you can get 10% of your existing online audience to visit Stackla, you can double your current web traffic.

You can judge for yourself whether the experience works or not, but if you’ve got a big social audience, why wouldn’t you offer them this?

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