Introducing Stackla’s Zapier Plugin

By Steve Birchall - February 20, 2018
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It has been well reported that on average a company will invest and maintain up to 16 separate marketing technologies (with some larger organisations operate up to 98).

From customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platforms (MAP) to content management systems (CMS) and analytic tools, it doesn’t take long for the number of tools to add up, and whilst each tool provides value to a business, it is also very easy for silos to emerge.

Whilst the growing availability of APIs in most applications has helped break down some of silos and empower organisations to connect related applications, they can often require significant development resources and time to implement, creating a scenario where it is often too hard, too long or too costly to bother with.

Keen to break down these barriers, Stackla has built an integration with one of the leading cloud connectors in the market, Zapier.

Why Zapier?

Zapier is one of the leading cloud-based middleware providers in the market.  Offering connectors to more than 1,000 different web applications and marketing technology solutions, the freemium offering makes it easier than ever before for a non-technical person to connect two or more tools.

How does it work?

Integrations are defined in Zapier by specifying a ‘Trigger’ and then one or more ‘Actions’.   

The user, through Zapier’s user interface, will define the steps of the flow, determine what should happen (Actions) once the Trigger has been instigated. This flow is referred to as a ‘Zap’ within the application.

Aggregate from more sources

Stackla already gives clients the ability to aggregate content from more than 25 sources out-of-the-box and, with our Zapier plugin, this number only grows.

From social networks such as Reddit, Chatter and Yammer, to messaging services such as Slack, Spark or Hipchat, or even more traditional digital forms of communication, such as Email or SMS, our Zapier plugin makes it easier for brands to bring in user-generated content.

There is also then the ability to bring in content from non-social sources such as Spreadsheets, Online Storage (DropBox, Drive) and Databases – meaning customers can also leverage Stackla to render their own content.

Enrich your MarTech stack

Aggregating from more sources is just one of the possible benefits a customer can take advantage of with the Stackla Zapier plugin. There is also the opportunity to enrich complementary MarTech with assets and data collected by our UGC platform.

Potential use cases include creating contacts in a CRM (such as SalesForce or Dynamics), building out subscriber lists in solutions (like MailChimp, Marketo or Campaign Monitor) or adding a user to a retargeting list on Adroll.

There is also the ability to send transactional data to reporting solutions like Geckoboard or Databox or send image assets directly to a Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account.

Getting Started

To find out more about the Stackla Zapier plugin, please get in contact with your Customer Success Account Manager or follow one of the links below:

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