Introducing ShopSpots

April 22, 2015
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If you’re a retailer using UGC, you want to make it super simple for customers to go from great images of your products to the page where they can buy.

But in most social content displays, there’s a disconnect. Customers who see products they want to buy have to go hunting for them on their own. This friction causes lots of people to drop out of the funnel—which means lost sales and a less-than-amazing brand experience.

Connect product images directly to the point of purchase

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of ShopSpots—a new feature for Stackla widgets and displays that lets you directly connect UGC images of your products to product purchase pages.

ShopSpots provide a visual call-to-action directly on product images, where consumers can’t miss it. Customers who click on a ShopSpot will see more details and a link to buy. You can add ShopSpots to images curated from any one of Stackla’s 15+ content sources, and there is no limit to the number of ShopSpots per image.


ShopSpots in action: Stylematch

Interactive fashion marketplace Stylematch uses ShopSpots to power its SHOP THE LOOK fashion wall, which lets consumers find and buy pieces worn by real people in street style photos.

“People want to be inspired, see the latest looks, and see what celebs, models, and bloggers are wearing—but not just on the catwalk. They want to see what these people are wearing out on the streets,” says Adam Green, Stylematch’s founder and CEO. “ShopSpots lets us showcase the latest street styles from user-generated content (UGC) and make these looks instantly shoppable on our site. The feature helps us deliver a unique service to the market, increases consumer engagement, and plays a key role in driving organic growth via social media channels.”

To get more details on how Stylematch is using ShopSpots, check out the full case study.

Why use ShopSpots?

By shortening the distance between images of your products and the point of purchase, you can increase both clickthrough rates and sales. Making it easier for consumers to find the product information they want also creates a more positive, streamlined brand experience.

Setting up ShopSpots is easy.

Stackla customers can start adding ShopSpots to curated content today. For more information about setting up ShopSpots, visit Stackla Support.

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