International Women’s Day at Stackla

By Ash Kerr - March 9, 2018
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For a company that was founded by men (and whose first employees were men), Stackla has evolved and opened the floor to some very impressive and diverse female leads. This International Women’s Day, I wanted to write about some of our female leaders and demonstrate their impact on our business.

Jade Mackenzie: GM APAC | VP of People and Culture

As our fearless VP of People and Culture, Jade has worked hard to ensure that we get the right balance of skills and cultural fit with our new hires. She’s also worked tirelessly to ensure that Stackla is a safe place for women to grow and show off their strengths. I asked Jade what that process has looked like, and why it was important to get it right at Stackla.

“We’re all smart enough here to know that diversity raises the bar —  it’s key to ongoing innovation and success. Fostering a culture that supports gender (and cultural) diversity has, and always will be, an ongoing priority for us. Some of the key ways we try to enact this include having solid workplace gender equality policies and integrated gender diversity strategies that cover recruitment, L&D initiatives and opportunities for promotion, as well as parental support programs and flexible work arrangements available to all.

I also strive to be a positive role model for other females in the business by balancing regional and global leadership roles and responsibilities with my other job of being a mum. It’s important for me to not project an unrealistic or inauthentic picture of how this balance actually works. Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean having all the answers  being perfect. I make a point of bringing my authentic self to work so that others know that they can too.”

Mallory Blumer: Director of Global Marketing

Joining Stackla with over 8 years in the digital marketing space, Mal didn’t waste any time before putting her touch on our overarching marketing strategy and vision, adding value and driving accelerated growth. Promoted recently into a Global Marketing Director role after just 11 months onboard, she now leads, and no doubt inspires, a high performing marketing team.

“From day one at Stackla, I was encouraged by everyone around me to step-up and speak my mind. There are a lot of smart, strong people here, and the leadership team do a great job of fostering that energy into positive and creative growth for individuals and the entire company. Everyone — no matter what gender, shape or race — is empowered to make their own impact, and the size of that impact is up to the individual. Hard work is quickly recognized and rewarded here.”

The constant support I’ve received from the broader leadership team has been crucial to helping me build my confidence (internally and externally) when speaking up in tough situations and getting myself out there. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive team that has provided me with a seat at the table — encouraging bold actions, thoughtful opinions and logical problem solving in order to continually better myself and the business.“

April McAlpine: Director of Support & Adoption, Customer Success

April’s role sees her interact with all parts of the business.She’s a critical touchpoint for most of our customers when it comes to their perception of our product and the support we offer. Having improved and built upon our training and support processes, April’s contribution has been key to keeping our customers happy and communicating their stories back to the business.

“‘Conversation is King’ —  this is written on our office wall in Sydney, and not one day has gone by where I have felt let down by those I work with. It’s a safe environment where we are supported and have the freedom to be ourselves. Stackla is a big believer in equality and empowering all of their staff members to reach their goals inside and outside of the company, regardless of our gender, race and religion.”

For me, working at Stackla has opened doors and changed my perception of what it means to work in the tech space. We have co-founders who actively support, recognise and promote the talented women in our business. We are encouraged to learn and grow and are given the space to prove that we can overcome challenges and take on new responsibilities.

I’m proud of the women who work here, and I’m particularly proud that we are able to celebrate their hard work and see it acknowledged by the business.

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